Korean candies to try this Halloween

drawing of Korean candy
Eunkyo Jo/Staff

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Whether you’re going trick or treating, giving out candy or staying in this Halloween, you can’t say no to Halloween candy. If you are sick of having the same treats every year, try to vary it up this year with these Korean candies. We at the Clog have recommended a Korean candy of each category to cater to your preference.

Fruity chew: My-Chew (마이쮸)

My-Chew is a classic Korean treat similar to its Japanese counterpart, Hi-Chew. There are four signature flavors, in order of best: grape, apple, peach and strawberry. The morsel is very chewy, almost like gum, and there are many variations available: classic ones shaped like rectangle blocks in paper bars, others shaped more round and individually wrapped in plastic wrappers and occasionally ones caramelized into tablets in a plastic container.

Milky chew: Malang-Cow (말랑카우)

If you are looking for something more milky and smooth, try Malang-Cow. There are two main flavors, milk and strawberry milk. These candies taste like the Chinese White Rabbit, yet spongy and soft. Malang-Cow is bite-sized and is typically individually wrapped, and it’s hard to stop at one once you start.

Hard candy: Chung-podo (청포도)

The word “chung-podo” literally means green grape. This is a hard, green grape-flavored candy that has been around for generations. Pop one in your mouth when you are bored, and there is unique fun in sucking on this candy because you can lick it until it becomes a manageable size to crack. Like Malang-Cow, Chung-podo is individually wrapped. This is similar to fruit drops in the United States, but has a juicier, less subtle flavor. 

Chocolate: Haebaragi (해바라기)

The name of this candy literally means “sunflower,” and the packaging is yellow and brown. Haebaragi contains mini sunflower seeds covered in milk chocolate. Scoop some into your hand then pour it into your mouth to experience the crunchy texture of the seeds. These are usually contained in a bigger wrapper, often packaged to be resealable.

There you have it, Korean candies you can freshly try out. You can find them on Amazon, Koreana Plaza in Oakland or online oriental stores. We hope these will satisfy your sweet tooth this Halloween!

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