ASUC talks student engagement, raising awareness about sexual violence

photo of the ASUC logo
Gisselle Reyes/File
At its meeting Wednesday, the ASUC Senate discussed improvements to campus’s process in dealing with sexual violence and harassment cases. ASUC’s Sexual Violence Commission is working with prevention education, accountability and survivor support groups to achieve this.

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The ASUC Senate provided updates on projects to raise student engagement with the ASUC and continue bolstering awareness around sexual violence at its regular meeting Wednesday.

ASUC President Chaka Tellem’s staffers have been working on initiatives to increase ASUC transparency and make the organization more accessible to the general student population, according to Tellem.

“My research analytics and data department have been working for the past couple of weeks to audit other universities to maximize student engagement,” Tellem said during the meeting.

By auditing universities of campus’s caliber and size, they hope to find ways to boost student engagement and participation, he added.

Measures being taken include creating a guide detailing the positions of different ASUC officers and their explicit responsibilities as delineated in the ASUC bylaws, along with work that happens in the “background” of offices.

Tellem’s staff is also looking to collaborate with other parts of the ASUC, such as CalTV and Superb, in order to carry out these goals. An update to the ASUC website is also planned.

The Sexual Violence Commission also gave a report at the meeting, with chair of the commission, Tatiana Nikolaeva, giving an overview of the three groups currently working within the commission: prevention education, survivor support and accountability.

The commission is currently working on the Be Heard Berkeley Project, which aims to provide an online platform for survivors of sexual violence to share their stories online. It is also developing a campuswide newsletter in order to advertise and create a larger wellness space.

In a collaboration with PATH to Care, the campus center that leads sexual violence awareness and prevention, the survivor support group of the commission is planning a November workshop.

As part of the consent calendar passed unanimously, the Senate also approved SR 21/22-024, which calls upon campus administration to discontinue its arrangement with its current off-campus housing provider and instead work with College Pads.

This new provider, which currently works with other universities such as UC Davis, would come at no additional cost to administration or students. According to the resolution, the partnership would help mitigate the continued housing shortage faced by students.

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