Clog Report: Student unsure if lecture hall has been decorated for Halloween

photo of an empty classroom
Deborah Chen/File

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Citing the “spooky” ambience, freshman Casper Lin expressed uncertainty earlier today as to whether the hall for his Chemistry 104A lecture had been decorated in preparation for Halloween or whether it just kind of looked spooky today.

“I’m so confused because I’m pretty sure something’s been changed in a Halloween-ish direction,” said Lin, pointing out the “old vibes” and the cobwebs scattered throughout the corners and edges of the hall. “But at the same time, this could just be what this hall looks like today.”

Lin, who was barely on time to lecture, reportedly did not have time to consult with a friend about the decorative status of the room. “Maybe I can find a chance to ask Kat what she thinks if the professor pauses for a moment,” said Lin, adding that it would be pretty embarrassing to bring up Halloween decorations if the hall just happened to have an ethereal atmosphere today.

Drawing attention to the “slight orange tint” on the walls, Lin reported that although there wasn’t anything overtly Halloween-related, the room’s appearance really didn’t seem within the bounds of expected day-to-day variation.

“Wait look — there’s even a model skeleton back there. That’s gotta be important. Was there a biology lecture in here before us?”

The hall, which Lin insists may or may not be decorated, will reportedly not be in use on Halloween. “I want to say that it is decorated, but it makes no sense. Why this hall in particular? Why now? Who would put in the effort to decorate a lecture hall instead of just their dorm room?” said Lin, who added that he just needed more information to make a decision.

“Is nobody else seeing this?”

As of press time, Lin had concluded that the hall was simply haunted.

This is a satirical article written purely for entertainment purposes.

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