Editors’ Note: Happy Halloween!

Illustration about Halloween 2021
Tiffany Ho/Staff

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It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: The Clog is back with it’s spookiest, scariest and spiciest Halloween content. We’ve got just about everything for you this time. Can’t decide how to celebrate Halloween this year? Take our quiz and find out! Invited to a Halloween party and don’t have a costume yet? Check out our tips on putting together unique, creative costumes or get inspiration on group costume ideas to steal the show with your friends! If you really want to embody the spirit of Halloween, we’ve also got you covered with spooky book recommendations, horror games and more. And if you’re ever looking to expand your candy palate, our in-house candy connoisseurs have put together guides for vegan candy, korean candy and creating your own gory desserts!

Stay safe and Happy Halloweekend!

Peace, Love, Clog

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