Power ranking of the best horror mobile games

Photo of a phone with the app store open listing horror games
Kyle Garcia Takata/Staff

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This year, the Daily Clog has got you ready for all-things Halloween. We’ve got your costumes, your movies, your recipes — and now, the ultimate way of getting your heart racing and your palms sweating: scary mobile games. Here’s the ultimate power ranking of some of the most popular spooky, scary and sometimes silly horror games.

5. Sinister Edge 

Overall rating: 5/10

Cost: $0.00

Available on: iOS, Android

Creepy meter: 8/10

In Sinister Edge, you’re locked up in a mansion and must explore the corridors, solving puzzles that will grant you the keys to the front door. I really enjoyed the use of sound effects in this game, which really does give it an eerie ambience, especially with its ominous music and loud jump scares. However, the game isn’t exactly very long and the ending is pretty abrupt, so I probably wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for a game to get hooked on.

4. Emily Wants to Play 

Overall rating: 5.5/10 

Cost: $0.00

Available on: iOS/Android

Creepy meter: 9.5/10

As the player, you take on the role of a pizza delivery man at the last house of the night. After waiting at the door for a while, you hesitantly walk through the open front door, before getting locked into the house with no obvious escape. As you search for a way out, you’re confronted by a strange girl named Emily who ‘wants to play.’ Can you escape her and stay alive? This game is so realistic, and downright terrifying, it’ll have you throwing away all your childhood dolls. As with most games on the list, though, Emily Wants to Play does get a little repetitive as you repeatedly enter a room to search for clues, before running at the sight of Emily or one of her dolls.

3. Eyes – The Horror Game 

Overall rating: 8/10 

Cost: $0.00

Available on: iOS, Android

Creepy meter: 10/10

Here’s the deal: You’ve got to break into an abandoned mansion, steal some money and get out. But as you’re searching for the cash, you start hearing creepy noises left and right. Eventually, you turn around and catch a glimpse of a ghostly monster. You start running from room to room, trying to leave its line of sight. Finally, you escape and can return to your search for the money, but not without constantly looking around to make sure the evil isn’t lurking behind you. The game is creepy, I’ll give it that. The con, though, is that you end up encountering more ads than actual ghosts.

2. Limbo 

Overall rating: 9/10

Cost: $4.99 

Available on: iOS, Android

Creepy meter: 8.5/10

This one isn’t so much a game of jump scares or creepy monsters. Instead, Limbo is an adventure game, but turned incredibly dark. Characterized by graphic death scenes, haunting landscapes and disturbing sound effects, Limbo holds you in a constant state of uneasiness. The game itself is pretty well created, and I enjoyed experimenting with the puzzles. The only issue, though, was that the game took an extreme amount of concentration, and after a long day of classes, it wasn’t my favorite way to unwind. 

1. Granny 

Overall rating: 10/10

Cost: $0.00

Available on: iOS

Creepy meter: 7/10

I’m sure many of you have heard of Granny — it’s a classic. And for good reason too. If you’ve never played Granny, let me paint the scene for you: You wake up in an old, dusty house, and after several attempts to leave through the front door, you realize you’re being held in captivity by an insane old woman known as Granny, who can “hear everything.” The rest of the game consists of searching for the key to the front door, while encountering a series of clues that will guide you towards your escape. I admit that the actual Granny doesn’t look too scary herself. But I think what truly sets the game apart is the use of sound effects. Throughout the game, you’re in a constant state of tension as the floorboards creak, the music gets progressively louder and hearing Granny’s voice from all directions. Before playing though, do be aware that the game is extremely challenging, and you’re probably never going to actually win (even on the easiest setting). 

Whether you’re looking for a Halloween-themed activity to play with friends, or you want to get a little scare in before bed, these games will help get you into the Halloween spirit. So what are you waiting for — you brave enough?

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