Songs to study to based off your favorite library

Photo of Interior of East Asian Library
Meghnath Dey/Staff

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As midterm season comes to a close and some of us begin to prepare for finals, the cafes and libraries on campus become a little bit busier. Now, although the times we study and the productivity level of every study session may change, every student has their go-to library. Whether it be Main Stacks or the engineering library, every library on campus has a different purpose and a different overall vibe. So, below is a little list of songs depending on the library you study at to add to your playlist for the next study session.


Known as the more social “tech” library, Moffitt Library always reminds me of more upbeat, even techno, music. These songs are based on that vibe. 

You Lose!’’ by Magdalena Bay

“You Lose!” is an excellent song not only because it has a nice beat that perfectly matches the bright and modern architecture of the Moffitt study spaces, but also because it is fast-paced, but not too fast to the point you can’t study. If you are doing some catch-up homework for a class, I highly recommend this song. 

“Photo ID’’ by Remi Wolf

Although this isn’t the perfect song to keep you focused on reading, “Photo ID” is a loud and colorful song — one that I feel matches Moffitt perfectly. The only downside to it is that it’s hard not to sing along when listening. 

“HEADLINE” by Bren Joy

You know those songs that you can’t help tapping your feet to? Or the ones that remind you of a nice sunny day? This song is exactly that. With a nice beat and smooth lyrics, “HEADLINE” is a perfect Moffitt study song you will want to add to your everyday playlist.

Main Stacks

Main Stacks was one of the harder libraries to put music to, just because of its versatility as a library, so a wide variety of songs is needed for the Main Stacks mix. 

“Kickback” by Omar Apollo

“Kickback’’ by Omar Apollo is a good choice for Main Stacks because it’s not too loud. Instead, it has just the right amount of rhythm that will keep you studying while tapping your feet to the music. 

“Tristan and Isolde: Einleitung” by Richard Wagner and Edo de Waart

Although this song is instrumental, I found it perfect for those late-night midterms or final study days. Sometimes all you need is a good instrumental song to help you get through your lectures and readings, and all of the emotions that come with that. 

“Fire in the Sky” by Anderson Paak

It must be said that sometimes the silence of the Stacks, as good as it can be, can also send you off to sleep. So, “Fire in the Sky” is the perfect remedy for any sleepy Main Stacks study session with its groovy beat and fun lyrics. 

Kresge Engineering Library

Although I am not a frequent visitor of the engineering library, every time I do visit for a study session, every student looks hard at work, so maybe these songs could help with the workload. 

“Face Off” by Tech N9ne featuring Joey Cool, King Iso and Dwayne Johnson

Because every engineering library student is so hard at work, I figure you would need a song to keep up with the heavy math and coding homework. So, look no further than Dwayne Johnson’s rap in this song. Just one or two bars of his rap will keep you going for the rest of your study session. Seriously. 

“Rules” by Doja Cat

With the same reasoning as the previous song, “Rules” by Doja Cat has clever lyrics and an energetic beat, something you can easily get a problem set done to. 

“Corduroy Dreams” by Rex Orange County

Although this is a change of pace from the other two songs, a Rex Orange County song is the perfect way to settle your mind in between CS problems or physics homework. 

Doe Library

It’s no debate that Doe Library is the most scenic of them all, and with the high standard of beauty, the high ceilings and beautiful windows,  it’s only right to match the library with some beautiful songs as well. 

“In My Mind” by Lyn Lapid

With the perfect use of instruments woven with a beautiful voice, this song matches Doe Library perfectly while also being the perfect balance between retrospective and studying music. 

“People Watching” by Conan Gray

Doe Library, in addition to being an excellent study spot, is also a nice place to reflect. What better way to do this than to Conan Gray’s music? This song is the perfect balance of upbeat and relaxing instrumentals for a Doe study session. 

“A letter to my younger self” by Ambar Lucid

This song perfectly intertwines Spanish and English and shares a cute message that will leave you playing it on repeat for some time after. This song is perfect for Doe Library, especially now that the weather is colder and the windows of Doe Library look out to a cloudy sky. 

Now that you’ve made it to the end of the list, maybe a few of these songs make it onto your studying playlist!

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