A Taylor Swift playlist to get over your crush

Photo of Taylor Swift
Eva Rinaldi/Creative Commons

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I started listening to Taylor Swift because her songwriting often reflected what it felt like to have a one-sided crush. Songs like “You Belong With Me” and “Paper Rings” encapsulated my feelings for this person. Every time I was with this crush, it was like being in a 2000s rom-com. But after months of manifesting, yearning and tweeting, I decided that it was best for me to move on. I’ve realized nothing is going to happen and that’s okay. There are going to be other people interested in me and this person just doesn’t have a place in my future. I’ve curated a playlist that has helped me get over my crush, which hopefully will help you out too. The songs are divided into the five stages of grief, which will help you mourn the loss of your crush and finally accept that you’re better off without them. Listen to these in order and you’re guaranteed to forget about their existence.

Stage 1: Denial

“Death By A Thousand Cuts,” “Forever and Always” and “Speak Now”

These songs embody the denial stage as you’re trying your hardest not to forget about your crush. This is the most difficult period to endure because of all the feelings you’ve invested into this person. “Death By A Thousand Cuts” describes the initial pain and confusion after cutting off a romantic interest. I chose “Forever and Always” because its raw emotions and powerful instrumentals closely align with the chaotic nature of this stage. For “Speak Now,” it’s a fantasy of interrupting your crush’s wedding and running away together — but it’s only a dream. Once you finally admit that it’s time to let them go, you can move onto the next stage.

Stage 2: Anger

“Should’ve Said No,” “Mr. Perfectly Fine” and “I Knew You Were Trouble”

Now it’s time to let all your anger and madness flow through your veins. It’s a naturally perfect response because things didn’t end up how you wanted them to turn out. Although this song is about cheating, “Should’ve Said No” is fun to listen to during a shower while you scream your heart out to the lyrics. “Mr. Perfectly Fine” depicts how your world is falling apart, while your ex (or crush in this case) is doing well. The beat drops and scornful lyrics of “I Knew You Were Trouble” will have you trample everything in your path like Godzilla does with skyscrapers. These songs are perfect for channeling your anger, whether it’s through singing the songs or tweeting the lyrics into oblivion. 

Stage 3: Bargaining

“the 1,” “Haunted (Acoustic Version)” and “Red” 

You might wonder, “What if I was the person they picked?” The third stage of grieving is bargaining, where you’ll try to beg the universe to take something else away. “The 1” discusses how it would have been amazing if this person was “the 1” for you. It’s a soul crushing song where you’ll replay all these scenarios about your crush. Although the regular version of “Haunted” is great, the acoustic version makes me absolutely feral. You’re “haunted” by this person and don’t want their ghost to enter the light. In “Red,” Swift sings about the complicated feelings of missing an ex, from sadness to yearning, but you can totally apply this to an ex-crush. After you’re done bargaining, the next stage will be the lowest point.

Stage 4: Depression

“All Too Well,” “this is me trying” and “tolerate it”

The depression stage is self-explanatory and no one will blame you for bawling your eyes out to these songs. Let all that sadness flow because it’s a healthy way of coping. These songs will embody all these feelings and let you cry your crush away. “All Too Well” reminisces about a relationship, from the highest to the lowest moments. “This is me trying” expresses the sadness of a failed relationship after attempts of fixing it. For “tolerate it,” you’ll relate to the lyrics that detail the pain of unrequited feelings and heartbreak. You’ll need a box of tissues and a hug after listening to these three tracks.

Stage 5: Acceptance

“happiness,” “Clean” and “22”

You have finally reached the acceptance stage and realized that you’re better off without them. It might take a while to get here, but it’s so worth it. In “happiness,” Swift realizes that although there were fond memories with this ex, there will always be happiness found without them. “Clean” describes the clarity gained after getting over someone and forgetting their existence. It all culminates to “22,” a fun party track that’s not about love. The song is about having fun and going on adventures that you’ll have without this person. You’ll reach nirvana with this song and finally accept that you do not need them.

After listening to this playlist, you’ll be over your crush and have disposed of any feelings for them. If the first listen doesn’t work, keep replaying the songs until it kicks in. This playlist is foolproof and works on any heartbroken individual. Along the way, you might just develop a new crush that helps you get over the old one.


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