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Quiz: Which Ted Lasso character are you?

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NOVEMBER 11, 2021

Which Ted Lasso character are you at heart? Take this quiz to find out!


  1. If you played soccer, which position would you want to play? 
    1. Striker, duh! 
    2. Defense is where it’s at. 
    3. Goalie for sure! 
    4. Probably a waterboy…
  2. You’re famished after an exhausting game, which would you choose? 
    1. Ice cream with Roy and Phoebe. 
    2. Peanut butter from Ted’s jar.
    3. Indian food with Ted and Trent Crimm from the Independent.
    4. Ted’s homemade biscuits.
  3. You’re feeling down about the match, what would help the most?
    1. An emotional session with Doc/Sharon.
    2. A semi-confusing but inspiring Ted Lasso speech. 
    3. An unofficial Diamond Dogs get-together. 
    4. An encouraging “Soccer is life!” cheer from Danny Rojas. 
  4. Pick your ideal night out:
    1. Karaoke with Kiely and Rebecca.
    2. Pub with Ted and Beard. 
    3. Charity event with the whole Richmond team. 
    4. Reality TV with Roy and his yoga ladies.
  5. Pick your favorite Ted Lasso quote:
    1. “I always thought tea was going to taste like hot brown water. And do you know what? I was right. 
    2. “If God would have wanted games to end in a tie, she wouldn’t have invented numbers.” 
    3. “Boy, I love meeting people’s moms. It’s like reading an instruction manual as to why they’re nuts.”
    4. Walton: “Do you believe in ghosts?” Ted: “I do, but more importantly, I believe they need to believe in themselves.” 
  6. Who would your Richmond Bestie be?
    1. Sam Obisanya — he’s the best! 
    2. Keeley without a doubt! 
    3. Jamie Tartt — he’d be a blast!
    4. Nathan would be the best bestie!
    1. You’re Ted! You love connecting with others and inspiring the people around you. You can get along with anyone and always see the positive in life. 
    2. You’re Roy! You may not have the cleanest language but you’d do anything for the people you love. You may come off as a bit closed off but those who are in your inner circle know you’d always go to bat for them. 
    3. You’re Beard! You take a more laid-back and quiet approach to life but you always know everything that’s going on. Your attention to detail and the support you give to others is what makes you special.
    4. You’re Nathan! You always have your teams back and will do anything to help them succeed. You may seem timid at first, but the care you have for the people around you makes you an invaluable friend.


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NOVEMBER 13, 2021