Games to play when you’re not sober

photo of Cards Against Humanity game
Tom Bullock/Creative Commons

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After a few shots or edibles with friends, you might want to do something while you’re under the influence. Movies sound fun, but it’s awkward sitting in silence for two hours, and you might have trouble processing anything before you. Instead, play some games with friends to pass the time, while utilizing that inebriation to its full potential. The following games will make you laugh, cry and reevaluate your friendships, but will make an unforgettable night for anyone involved.

Video Games: Minecraft, The Sims and Super Smash Bros.

These video games are fun as solitary experiences but are on another level with other players. Minecraft’s mobile version is comparable to the desktop counterpart and won’t hurt your wallet as much at seven dollars. You can build any structure that’s been living in your imagination or explore ravines and caves in hopes of finding treasure. But fighting against monsters while intoxicated is probably my favorite thing to do in the game. 

For The Sims, create the virtual version of yourself and your friends and have them do the craziest shenanigans. Get a job as a veterinarian while juggling ten kids or create your enemy and push them into a pool. Your options are unlimited and your inebriated mind will probably wreak havoc onto your Sim.

I personally love playing Smash when I’m crossed because I don’t know what’s happening half the time. Although it’s a fighting game, you can be mesmerized by all the bright colors and let everything unfold before you. You might even win a round! These games are definitely not practical if you don’t have your phone, computer or Nintendo Switch, but if you have access, play like there’s no tomorrow.

Card and Board Games: Cards Against Humanity, Uno and Jenga

Now, this is where everyone will get competitive and it might ruin friendships. Cards Against Humanity is already a fun game, but everyone turns into a comedian after a White Claw or a smoke. You’ll be surprised at how funny you are through intoxication and might just sweep the entire game. Uno is known to cause backstabbing and arguments so it’s the perfect game when you’re tipsy! Make sure everyone agrees that they can stack the “+2” or “+4” cards for added drama. Just when you think that you’re going to win, you’re now stuck with ten additional cards as you cry from the inside. Everyone will reevaluate their relationships with one another and it might lead to silent treatment for a couple of days. Jenga is a stressful game, but it’s on another level of difficulty when you’re gone. Imagine the pure chaos of someone making a wrong move and all that hard work has disappeared. You’ll either be laughing your butt off or crying. But take these games to any function and everyone is going to have the time of their lives.

Childhood Games: Hide and Seek, Pictionary/Charades and Musical Chairs

Nothing is better than reliving your childhood, especially when you’re drunk or high. These games require more physical activity than the previous ones so try to play in an open space. I’ve never played hide and seek under the influence, but I can imagine the absolute pandemonium. Your clouded mind might find unconventional ways to hide, from behind a lamp or under a rug, which will take the seeker a while to find you. Guessing games like Pictionary and Charades are also fun if you think you still have any remaining brainpower. Guesses might be spot-on or out of left field enough that people will be impressed. If you do have chairs and soft ground, musical chairs will turn any grown adult into a child again. Play some EDM or hyper pop to disorient all the players and it’ll take them a few seconds to gather themselves when the music stops. Keep in mind that these games require moving so if you’re too far gone, take a nap.

These games range from fun laughs to a real-life Squid Game. Some honorable mentions that you should check out after playing the nine games include Twister, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Monopoly and Just Dance. They’ll guarantee an amazing night even if you choose to stay sober.

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