Photo Essay: Built Environment

Photo of a white house on a hill
William Webster/Staff

The space we inhabit is too often overlooked and taken for granted. We glance past the minutiae of our urban environments, ignoring the street signs that make sense of our roads, the curb cuts that provide accessibility to all and the buildings that give us shelter. In this photo essay, the photographers of The Daily Californian seek to reconsider our relationship with urban space by highlighting moments of intrigue within the built environment through unique angles, scale and texture. We hope that the following photos inspire a new appreciation for the complex physical world we live in.


Photo of a fire escape on a brick building

New York City Highline — 6 p.m. (Vanessa Lim/Senior Staff)

Photo of a person walking in front of an illuminated apartment building at night

San Francisco — 10 p.m. (Lisi Ludwig/Senior Staff)

Photo of an apartment buildings with birds on the top

Channing Way and Telegraph Avenue — 6 p.m. (Kyle Garcia Takata/Staff)

Photo of two identical orange buildings with cars in front

Fulton Street — 1 p.m (Nick Quinlan/Staff)

Photo of a car repair shop

Bancroft Way and 4th Street — 5 p.m. (Theo Wyss-Flamm/Senior Staff)

Photo of a building with one illuminated window

Telegraph Avenue — 5 p.m. (Theo Wyss-Flamm/Senior Staff)

Photo of a skyscraper from street level

San Francisco — 11 a.m. (Vanessa Lim/Senior Staff)

Photo of a white house on a hill

Oakland Hills — 12 p.m. (William Webster/Staff)

Photo of a black and white apartment building

Shattuck Avenue — 4 p.m. (David McAllister/Senior Staff)

Photo of a clothing store

Slash Denim — 6 p.m. (Nora Povejsil/Staff)

Photo of UC Berkeley campus at night

UC Berkeley — 10 p.m. (Kyle Garcia Takata/Staff)