Scrubadubdub: Ranking most satisfying chores for your cleaning frenzy

Illustration of a person cleaning
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Now that we are headed toward the end of the semester, it may be a great time to consider deep cleaning parts of your home before finals season approaches. It may be tedious, but getting rid of all the junk and dirt around your place can greatly improve your mood and motivation. If you’re wondering which chores to tackle first, here’s our power ranking of what will give you the most pleasure to deep clean. 

5. Bathroom counter/sink

Here we go! Start by organizing your toiletries and skincare products then cleaning your mirror. If you’re going for a thorough clean, add in your bathroom sink as well. Deep cleaning your bathroom may not be the way you envisioned your Friday night, but it’s a great way to prepare for even more calming self-care nights. 

4. Closet

Color-coordinated and sorted by type is definitely the way to go when it comes to clothes. You may want to consider putting your shorts and tank tops at the back and jackets and sweaters in front as winter comes. It may take a while to sort it this way, but trust me — it will make finding outfits to wear less time-consuming and more fun. 

3. Fridge

This may be challenging to tackle, but the end result will leave you in awe. Take out all your jars and containers and then dispose of expired items. It’s optional, but highly recommended to scrub the inside of the fridge too before putting everything back in. You may want to back off from your fridge for a bit so you can savor those organized shelves before everything goes back to the way it used to be. 

2. Bedsheets

Oh, nothing beats the feeling of smelling your hot, fresh sheets as they come out of the dryer. Bonus points are added if you used your special detergent or scent boosters to make them smell extra fragrantKnowing that you can snuggle and sleep in unsoiled bedding definitely makes the night more enjoyable. 

1. Kitchen counters

Clearing up the dishes that are piling up and scrubbing down the countertops can give you immense satisfaction. Seeing one’s kitchen squeaky clean is usually the beginning of every cleaning frenzy. Plus, there’s something therapeutic about using those cleaners and heavy-duty brushes to scour surfaces — maybe because it helps relieve post-midterm stress. 

Cleaning the place you live in does not only count toward hygiene, but it’s also a great form of self-care, especially after the last few stressful weeks we’ve all had. It may take some time and effort, but accomplishing these cleaning chores will result in great satisfaction that will keep you proud for days. 

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