What is the best “I go to UC Berkeley” Instagram bio?

photo of an instagram bio
Kyle Garcia Takata /Staff

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We can all agree that a nice perk of going to a renowned university such as UC Berkeley is flexing our school in our Instagram bios. This being said, some Instagram bios are definitely better than others. Here is the Clog’s power ranking of “I go to Berkeley” Instagram bios, using the senior class of 2022 as an example. 

6. Cal/Berkeley 22’

If this is your bio, for the love of God, open your Instagram app now and put the apostrophe in front of the two — not after it. We are removing the first two digits of “2022,” which is why we put an apostrophe as a placeholder instead. 

5. Berkeley ’22

This is the most straightforward and comprehensive bio yet. No further explanations are needed to tell people which university you go to. Noticeably, a lot of students start out with this bio in their freshman year and change it to “Cal 22” when they notice no one really refers to UC Berkeley as Berkeley. 

4. Berkeley ’22 *insert emojis*

This is the livelier and more fun version of the “Berkeley 22” bio because of the added emojis. Adding your favorite colorful symbols can tell a lot about what you like. Whether you go for sweet food and nature-related emojis or the mischievous devil emojis, the ones you choose convey your vibe to your Instagram followers.

3. *Insert hometown* | Berkeley

This type of bio takes the third spot on our list as it gives everyone who checks out your profile a bit of history. This definitely becomes more interesting when a person who is originally from the other side of the country, or even the world, uses it to show how far they’ve traveled just to get to Berkeley. 

2. *Bear emoji* ’22

If one word could describe the people who use this bio, it would be wholesome. The use of the bear emoji is subtle yet gets the point across, at least for people who know that the bear (specifically Oski) is our mascot. Adding the bear emoji livens up any person’s profile in the shortest way possible. 

1. Cal ’22 

Short and straight to the point, this Instagram bio is probably the most popular one across all class levels. Calling UC Berkeley “Cal” has always evoked some feeling of pride and really says, “Welcome to the club!” Plus, explaining to friends and family that it’s short for California, since Berkeley is the first University of California, is really cool. 

With whatever Instagram bio you choose, letting those who follow us know we go to the top public university in the nation helps us savor our accomplishments for a second before going back to feelings of pure hardship and suffering as we grapple with midterms, projects and approaching finals.

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