Orenchi Ramen opens takeout, delivery-only location in Oakland

Photo of the outside building facade of 5333 Adeline St, where Orenchi Ramen in Oakland is located
Nick Quinlan/Staff
Orenchi Ramen opened its 'ghost kitchen' location in Oakland. The restaurant operates from a warehouse at 5333 Adeline St. and will be available for takeout and delivery only.

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Orenchi Ramen, a ramen restaurant that has locations in San Francisco and Santa Clara, has opened a takeout and delivery-only location in Oakland delivering to the Berkeley and Oakland area.

The Oakland location of Orenchi Ramen is called a “ghost kitchen,” where businesses rent space in a warehouse. Ghost kitchens do not have seating for customers, unlike in traditional restaurants. According to the restaurant owner Gary Ozawa, Orenchi Ramen’s Oakland location is their only store differing from traditional restaurants. 

“At this location, I don’t have any seatings or servers, I just have a kitchen and a chef,” Ozawa said. “When a customer orders food, my chef makes it inside the building and delivery people pick up the food and then deliver it, or people pick up their own food.”

According to Ozawa, Orenchi Ramen already had locations in Santa Clara, Redwood City and San Francisco and wanted to expand to the Oakland and Berkeley areas as well. Ozawa added that Oakland is “up and coming” and has a youthful, vibrant atmosphere. 

Orenchi Ramen’s best sellers are its signature tonkotsu-style ramen called “Orenchi Ramen” and its chicken karaage, according to Ozawa. Orenchi Ramen has also been featured in Metro Magazine’s “Best of Silicon Valley 2020.”

In addition, Ozama noted Orenchi Ramen decided to open up a delivery and take-out only location due to people growing more accustomed to alternative options to dine-in throughout the pandemic.

“At UC Berkeley, a lot of students like ramen,” Ozawa said. “Visit us and enjoy our food.”

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