Editors’ note: Basic needs impact issue

Behind the city of Berkeley and campus’s idyllic facades, many members within our community struggle to access and afford basic needs, including food, shelter, hygiene products and health care. Though taken for granted by many, these resources are critical for us to remain physically and mentally well, both individually and as a larger community.  

In this issue, we highlight realities continually faced by campus students and Berkeley residents as well as examine the effectiveness of proposed solutions. We shine a spotlight on poems that address basic needs and discuss the role of sports recreational facilities in providing essential services. Conversely, we comment on aspects of celebrity and athletic culture that promote capitalist values antithetical to basic needs activism.

In the end, our collective care for others reflects our society’s values and achievements. We must strive to share resources to meet our basic needs together, as a community.

Jasper Kenzo Sundeen is editor in chief and president, Mallika Seshadri is the managing editor and Connor Lin is the creative director. Contact them at [email protected].