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Quiz: What Thanksgiving pie are you?

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NOVEMBER 24, 2021

From preparing for the spring semester to incoming final exams, I think we’ve all been counting down the days until Thanksgiving break. So congratulations! You’ve officially made it. We at the Clog hope your break is full of bliss, fun and food comas. Here’s a quiz to kick-start your autumn plans! If you’ve ever wondered what sort of pie you were, look no further because the Clog’s got your back. 



  1. Describe your perfect Thanksgiving evening
    1. Going into hibernation after eating dinner
    2. Watching “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” with hot cocoa
    3. Preparing for the Christmas season, what else?!
    4. Helping in the kitchen to show my gratitude
  2. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
    1. Turkey, turkey, turkey
    2. Mashed potatoes for me! 
    3. Stuffing, of course
    4. What’s Thanksgiving without pie?
  3. Describe your Thanksgiving outfit, go!
    1. Probably a cardigan, pants and boots
    2. The first top I can find — I’m ready to eat!
    3. My favorite sweater vest
    4. Do people not wear sweatpants to Thanksgiving dinner?
  4. Quick! Your aunt is asking about your dating life at the dinner table, what do you do? 
    1. Shove a mouthful of mashed potatoes to allow yourself to think
    2. Make eye contact with your mom to have her help save you
    3. Divert the attention elsewhere
    4. Provide a brief response — it’s none of her business
  5. What’s your ideal autumn morning?
    1.  Early morning walk with my dog
    2. A warm cup of Joe by the windowsill
    3. Hitting snooze — these eye bags won’t fix themselves
    4. Finally getting around to reading that book
  6. Someone’s asking you for help in the kitchen. You
    1. Implore your way out of it
    2. Accidentally add in the wrong ingredient to the main dish
    3. Have your younger sibling or cousin to take one for the team
    4. Actually help out, since cooking is fun
    1. Pumpkin pie! Need I say more? Over the years you’ve grown fairly popular around this time of year, and for good reason too. Between your charisma and bold nature, you can come off as intimidating to those unfamiliar to your personality. However, once the intimidation resolves, they’ll wait all year just to be able to see you again.
    2. Apple pie! Although people can describe you as perfect, you have your flaws just like everybody else. You’re messy but have a good way of accepting that about you. Once people get to know you, they begin to become better too. You’re simply the delicacy that keeps the world spinning.
    3. Pecan pie! While you’re a tad nutty at times, those around you can’t help but admire this about you. It must be due to your sweet yet salty contrast of personalities — your friends can’t get enough of you. You always know exactly what to say to make things right.
    4. Turkey pot pie! While you’re not the traditional friend due to your eclectic nature, you’re an absolute sweetheart. You always know exactly what to say and do to accommodate others’ baggage. It never weighs on you, though. In fact, it works in your favor knowing exactly what to do in dire situations — similar to how turkey pot pie makes a heck of a dish using Thanksgiving leftovers.


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NOVEMBER 23, 2021