Have you met your twin flame?

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I don’t know about any of you, but recently, I keep hearing about this “twin flame” person. Whether it pops up on one of those strangely specific TikTok tarot card readings, which creepily tend to predict my exact situation, or it becomes an emotional conversation with close friends, it’s everywhere. To put it simply, a twin flame is an incredibly intense soul connection. It comes from this belief that sometimes your soul is split between two bodies, essentially making you the same person, but across different physical manifestations. 

The purpose of your twin flame is to invigorate your soul, awakening you to your own life and your true self. They aid you in your progress toward growth whether it’s removing blockages, exposing or healing wounds or leading you to see and love your true self. Not everyone may feel as if they have found their twin flame. I’m not even sure if I fully believe in it, but I am lucky to have people in my life who understand me better than anyone else.

Essentially, since this person is your other half, they hold up a mirror to you that exposes all of your deepest insecurities and fears. As you can imagine, the relationship with your twin flame can be very challenging. As brutal as that may sound, twin flames aren’t toxic. Although they may reveal a difficult truth, they also love you deeply. So while they are the person who exposes the worst parts of yourself, they are also the person who ultimately guides you to heal these parts of yourself. These relationships aren’t always romantic, however. They can very easily be platonic, despite our natural desire to make them romantic. 

One thing was clear in my research: Your twin flame is not your soulmate. Think about it like this. Your soul and everyone else’s sing a tune. Your soulmate has a tune that is the closest to yours than anyone else’s in the world. However, your twin flame sings the same tune as your soul. 

At this point you may be thinking of a couple of people in your life, or maybe your past, that eerily fit this description. Whether you believe in it or not, there are some signs that can help you identify if you’ve met your twin flame. When you first meet them, there might be an immediate recognition and an intense attraction. You’re very similar in your habits, interests and history. And where you may differ, you may find that your differences complement each other. You might also feel as if your doubts and insecurities are amplified when they are in your presence. 

This is because the purpose of your twin flame is to show you your deepest insecurities and wounds so that they can help you through them. Despite this challenging relationship, you will constantly feel drawn to them and always want to be with them. However, this will be a tumultuous relationship due to its innate purpose and will challenge you as you continue to grow and heal. As a result, you may find yourself yearning to be a better person because of this relationship. 

Maybe you think this is a load of crap or maybe you truly believe in a twin flame. Regardless, I find the message endearing. In your life, you will meet so many different people, twin flame or not, who you will love and who will love you. But the truest forms of love aren’t very pretty. They can be quite painful, confusing and challenging. Love outlasts the butterflies and the honeymoon phase. It goes into the difficult conversations, the vulnerability, the pain and guilt you experience as a human being. During these moments, love may seem brutal, but if you choose to look at it with kinder eyes, you may instead see the growth of a beautiful connection between two people as they show the other the deepest parts of themselves and still choose each other. 

Love isn’t always pretty, but it sure is beautiful.

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