Quiz: What should you get yourself for Christmas?

Illustration of a woman comfortably sitting in her home, with the fire on, surrounded by Christmas decor.
Armaan Mumtaz/Staff

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Christmas is all about giving gifts to your closest friends and family. Everyone is sending each other wish lists and subtly dropping hints on what presents they want. But you might be forgetting the most important person in your life: yourself! There’s nothing wrong with spoiling yourself with gifts, especially if you believe you deserve them. This quiz will decide what present you should buy for yourself for Dec. 25.

  1. How have the past few months been?
    1. Peaceful. Nothing has been too crazy.
    2. It could be better.
    3. I don’t want to talk about it.
    4. Wait, it’s December?
  2. Favorite Christmas sweet?
    1. Gingerbread cookies
    2. Candy canes 
    3. Yule log
    4. Peppermint bark
  3. You have to get rid of one of these Christmas movies:
    1. “Home Alone”
    2. “The Polar Express”
    3. “Elf”
    4. “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
  4. Santa is having trouble placing you on one of his lists. You are definitely on:
    1. The nice list. I’m a good person!
    2. The naughty list. I’ve done some questionable things. 
    3. Is there a medium list?
    4. St. Nick wouldn’t even be able to track me. 
  5. Besides Christmas, what other holiday is your favorite?
    1. Halloween. I love dressing up and eating all the candy.
    2. Any federal holiday because I get the day off.
    3. Thanksgiving. The food is amazing and the leftovers last me until January. 
    4. My birthday. What do you mean it’s not a recognized holiday?
  6. You suddenly wake up in the North Pole. Your first reaction:
    1. Find that sleigh and get out of here
    2. Pretend to be a tall elf and work for Santa
    3. Challenge a polar bear to fight
    4. Build an igloo
  7. Favorite Christmas tradition?
    1. Midnight Mass
    2. Decorating the tree
    3. Giving presents to each other
    4. Leaving cookies and milk out for Santa
  8. The worst Christmas gift would be:
    1. A lump of coal
    2. A gag gift
    3. Someone regifting a present you bought for them
    4. A pet snake
  9. Results
    1. A date with yourself. You deserve some much-needed alone time to pamper yourself. Go watch a movie and eat a fancy dinner, or take a hike and have a picnic. Either way, it will be relaxing and a well-deserved break.
    2. Buy that expensive thing you’ve always wanted. Everyone has that pricey item on the top of their wish list but never has the guts to buy it. However, it’s Christmas! You might break the bank and may regret the purchase in a few months, but nothing beats the serotonin boost of having something new.
    3. Have a self-care day. This year has been a little rough, so you might want to take a day to recharge. Buy a sheet mask, play the sounds of waves crashing on the beach, sleep in and get a massage. You’ll be ready to take on the new year with whatever it throws at you.
    4. Order a good cup of coffee. You like the simple things in life and don’t want to spend a ton of money. Buying an overpriced latte will instantly lift your spirits and warm your spirits during the cold winter weather.

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