A playlist to listen to after your last final exam

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Preparing for upcoming final exams is neither easy nor fun. It takes a huge toll on both your physical and mental health. However, you must admit that the relief after completing your last exam is always a great feeling. The weight of the pressure, anxiety and other emotions are suddenly lifted off of your shoulders as winter break comes closer than ever. If nothing else, your mind feels at ease at last. If no one has told you recently, we at the Clog are very proud of you. Why not reward yourself with what I like to call a “goodbye to finals” playlist?

“Just Like a Movie” by Wallows

Picture this: You’re the main character in a coming-of-age film. You just finished your last exam of the fall semester. As you walk out through the doors, this song starts playing. No matter your performance, the weight has been lifted with winter break on the horizon. This song can easily be included in every scenario. However, the post-exam vibes are impeccable with this one in particular. 

“Golden” by Harry Styles

While this song is a typical anthem for the warm, summer days, the uplifting beat is destined to make you feel good, regardless of your prediction for your exam score. Click play, and pull out your best boa as this Grammy winner sings to uplift your mood. It’s winter break, after all. 

“Between the Bars” by Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith’s calm, soothing voice paired with the strum of guitar strings is undeniably comforting. It’s definitely a remedy for self-doubt after a difficult exam. The nature of college life pushing and shoving can be daunting to navigate — especially for new students foreign to such a space. Nonetheless, leave it to your support group back home and in Berkeley to help guide you through the hard times. 

“Day After Tomorrow” by Phoebe Bridgers

Although this Tom Waits cover is a song about a soldier missing his family and home, I think it is suitable for this playlist. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been very homesick since coming to college. Ever since coming back from Thanksgiving break, my floormates and I have been counting down the days until we can see our families’ faces again. 

“Vienna” by Billy Joel

With lines such as “You’ve got so much to do/ And only so many hours in the day,” it’s difficult to resist the relatability to UC Berkeley students. This song perfectly encapsulates the passions and ambitions that students have. However, as Joel hints in this song, enjoy a few days for yourself. Why not enjoy smelling the roses and being present in the moment? The future still waits for you, after all. 

“Hope ur OK” by Olivia Rodrigo

This year’s Daily Californian Arts Awards did not select Rodrigo’s album, Sour, as the best pop album for no reason. Perhaps it’s my melancholic tendencies, but I felt very inclined to add this song to the playlist. It is on the heart-wrenching side of things, but there’s something hopeful about the message Rodrigo portrays. Whether you think you did badly on your exam, or simply need a reminder: “I hope you know how proud I am you were created.”

Everything will work out, it always does. Take care of yourself this winter break, Bears.

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