Our favorite TikTok trends of 2021

Illustration of different tiktok trends surrounding a phone that reads "2021".
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It’s hard to believe that 2021 is already coming to a close, and while some of us are rejoicing over the fact that it’s almost over, there are others who may still be reminiscing about earlier days. Here are our favorite TikTok trends from the past year, each one guaranteed to spread some finals and holiday cheer.

January: “Drivers License” by Olivia Rodrigo

We kicked the year off strong with Rodrigo’s heartbreak anthem, “Drivers License.” Around the world, TikTokers learned how to gatekeep, gaslight and girlboss when it comes to romance, the lesson having been taught the first time by Taylor Swift. The song’s heartfelt lyrics and eventual crescendo creates the perfect musical foundation for captivating trends such as @spoiledmel’s.

February:  “Chug Jug With You” by Leviathan

“Chug Jug With You” is a Fortnite parody by Youtuber and Twitch streamer Leviathan that went viral for its unironically comical lyrics and prepubescent vocals. It had us hyped up for our next battle royale. It had us singing the remix’s iconic lyrics for weeks straight, the lines of the song stuck in our heads.

March: Anime Surge

March gave birth to a surge in anime edits breaching the For You Page, or FYP, with anything and everything from “Attack on Titan” and “My Hero Academia” to “Haikyuu!!” and “Demon Slayer.”  We saw scouts simping over Levi Ackerman at 5’ 3”, Bakugou enthusiasts creating “oi oi oi” remixes and Zenitsu cosplayers frantically searching for their Nezuko.

April: “We would never dance for anyone”

This trend encouraged us to share our out-of-pocket and highly questionable celebrity and fictional crushes. With Momoiro Clover Z’s “Nippon Egao Hyakkei” playing in the background, we had the perfect bouncy beat to shake our butts to. All the while, we were exposing our heinous attractions to the world.

May: “ASAP” by STAYC

May saw K-pop especially take over the FYP with bops such as girl group STAYC’s “ASAP,” leaving no crumbs to spare. This addictive song and the supplementary choreography even got non-K-pop fans into the genre. If you feel like procrastinating, go listen to this song and learn the dance as soon as possible.

June: [Adult Swim]

Arguably one of the most memorable trends on the platform, Adult Swim took over the FYP for months. TikTokers made good vibes by playing around with unique camera angles and by adding the iconic “[AS]” black-and-white letters and brackets. Paired with VANO 3000’s “Running Away” — a groovy beat — the trend soared in popularity.

July: “Bezos I” by Bo Burnham

From Bo Burnham’s album Inside, “Bezos I” worked its way to the top of the sound section in no time, becoming a comedic base for memes raging against capitalism. In a video by @shitpostingdailyonfyp, Bezos himself struts his stuff to the song as he makes his way through an Amazon warehouse.

August: Berries and Cream

“Berries and Cream, Berries and Cream, I’m a little lad who loves Berries and Cream.” What started as an old Starburst commercial took over the sound section of TikTok by storm. TikTokers all around sported bobs, long socks and frilly collars while prancing to the little lad’s dance tutorial. It was a fever dream.

September: Devious Licks and Angelic Yields

TikTok has removed most of the Devious Licks videos from the app, but who can forget the school bathroom stall doors and soap dispensers that were licked for the public to see? With Devious Licks eventually came Angelic Yields. From our very own UC Berkeley, @michaelnammour showed us what it’s like to be a stellar student. Go Bears!

October: Emily Mariko’s salmon rice bowl

What kept us fed and going through midterms? Emily Mariko’s viral and delectable salmon rice bowl, of course! This simple, student-friendly recipe pushed aside the traditional Trader Joe’s soup dumplings depression meal for something more spicy and creamy. Check out how to recreate it for yourself if you’re craving a quick and filling plate.

November: Bones or no bones

November saw the arrival of our clairvoyant leader Noodle the Pug — a dog who determines the day’s outcome by sitting up or splooting when awoken in the morning. If you’re having a “No Bones Day,” take extra care of yourself by wearing comfy pants and turning down those fluorescent lights. If you’re having a “Bones Day,” on the other hand, take it as an opportunity to treat yourself!

December: TBD

December has yet to hit us with joyful twists and turns on our feeds. Perhaps this month will roll in with many winter-themed trends, such as decorating the house with Christmas lights or drinking shots of Fireball on a ski lift. Who knows? TikTok’s unpredictability is the best thing about it, and we are eager to see what’s in store for December.

Well, that’s all from the Daily Cal on our favorite 2021 TikTok trends. The year flew by with these fun-filled videos, and we are more than excited to see what the next year of viral trends will hold. Until then, good luck with the new year — and happy holidays!

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