Photo Essay: 2021 in Photos

Photo of students walking on UC Berkeley campus
Can Jozef Saul/File
Can Jozef Saul/File

The Berkeley community experienced a widespread return to in person in 2021 — as did many parts of the world. From football games and music festivals to lectures, UC Berkeley students and city residents alike were able to look beyond their Zoom meetings, physically attending large gatherings and resuming daily life as we once knew it.

Beyond the tremendous strides made toward combating the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 was a year of activism in Berkeley. Whether it was protesting against racial injustice or rising up against housing inequality, the city displayed its commitment to securing basic human rights and dignity for all. In terms of the campus community, 2021 was also a monumental year in ways that hit closer to home — The Daily Californian celebrated its 150th anniversary, and the Cal Bears triumphed at the Big Game, bringing the Axe back to Berkeley.

For whichever memory you treasure most, the photographers of the Daily Cal have been with us every step of the way, and we hope that this photo essay serves as a satisfying recap of the year and gives closure to some of the most momentous and inspiring events of 2021.

– Connor Lin and Theo Wyss-Flamm

Photo of a People's Park protest

Eliana Marcu/Senior Staff

Photo of a protest against discrimination

Lisi Ludwig/File

Photo of UC-AFT protestors

Sunny Shen/File

Photo of a protest

Can Jozef Saul/Staff

Photo of the Axe

Vanessa Lim/Senior Staff

Photo of Cal football

Nick Quinlan/Staff

Photo of Cal men's basketball

Theo Wyss-Flamm/Senior Staff

Photo of a line outside of a concert auditorium

Nick Quinlan/Staff

Photo of a crowd of people at a concert

Vanessa Lim/Senior Staff

Photo of a COVID vaccine being administered

Matt Gibson/File

Photo of someone putting on a mask

Antonio Martin/Staff

Photo of the Daily Californian 150th anniversary event

Lisi Ludwig/Senior Staff

Photo of students walking on UC Berkeley campus

Can Jozef Saul/File