Quiz: Which ‘Euphoria’ character are you?

photo of Hunter Schafer

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“Euphoria” is back for another season, and everyone is talking about which character they relate to the most. People say they’re the Maddy of their friend group or have the style of Jules. However, wanting to be a character isn’t the same as actually embodying them. Grab your glitter and take this quiz to determine your “Euphoria” counterpart based on your traits, style and personality.


  1. What makeup style do you like?
    1. All-natural
    2. Full glam
    3. Avant-garde
    4. Alternative
  2. Pick a four-letter word:
    1. Love
    2. Hope
    3. Camp
    4. Food
  3. Besides “Euphoria,” what’s your favorite HBO show right now?
    1. “Succession”
    2. “The Sex Lives of College Girls”
    3. “Gossip Girl”
    4. “Legendary”
  4. Pick a Zendaya role other than Rue:
    1. Rocky from “Shake It Up”
    2. K.C. from “K.C. Undercover”
    3. MJ from “Spider-Man”
    4. Anne from “The Greatest Showman”
  5. Favorite current fashion trend
    1. Dark academia
    2. Y2K
    3. Clashing colors and patterns
    4. Matching sets
  6. My ideal first date is:
    1. Dinner and a movie
    2. A picnic
    3. At a coffee shop
    4. Bowling
  7. If my room was on fire, I would first grab:
    1. My keys and wallet
    2. My phone
    3. My pet
    4. I would just run out 
  8. When I get coffee, I put 
    1. Soy milk
    2. Almond milk
    3. Oat milk
    4. Regular milk
  9. Results
    1. Rue. You might have a dark past that haunts you, but the love from your friends and family will be your main source of support. You don’t really care about dressing up all the time and no one judges you for it.
    2. Jules. You are a bubbly person with an even more expressive style! You always have a positive attitude and try to see the good in everyone, which might cause you to turn a blind eye to red flags.
    3. Maddy. You are the it-girl and everyone knows your name. Even though you have tons of followers on Twitter or Instagram, only a few people know your true self. You put up a front in public, but you showcase a different side to loved ones.
    4. Cassie. Everyone has a different perception of who you are as a person, but you’re the only one that knows your personality. You’re constantly on the lookout for “the one,” which might put you in some rough relationships.
    5. Kat. You’re a former, socially awkward introvert that has gained confidence and a new perspective on life. Although you might rely on other people’s opinions, you need to realize that they shouldn’t influence your actions.
    6. Lexi. You mind your own business and don’t insert yourself into drama. People will find you at a coffee shop reading a book or helping out your messy, chaotic friends. But you’re a goal-driven individual and have high expectations for others.

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