Quiz: Which ‘Encanto’ track is your 2022 theme song?

Scene from animated film Encanto
Walt Disney Animation Studios/Courtesy

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The soundtrack of “Encanto” has surely made its way into our TikTok “For You” pages and Spotify playlists. I know I’m not alone in saying I find myself singing, “We don’t talk about Bruno no no no …”  at random points throughout the day, from finishing my math homework to doing my laundry. Since these songs have definitely ushered 2022 in for us, take this quiz to find out which “Encanto” song best sums up your year so far. 

  1.  Which character would’ve gone to UC Berkeley in an alternate universe?
    1. Mirabel 
    2. Isabela
    3. Bruno 
    4. Felix 
  2. If Pepa could control the weather, what would you choose? 
    1. Sunny
    2. Windy
    3. Rainy
    4. Cloudy
  3. If Abuela could scold you to do something right now, what would it be?
    1. Finish my homework and readings
    2. Start saving my money
    3. Ask that person out
    4. Clean up my room
  4. If you could release all of your emotions and worries like Luisa, who would you turn to?
    1. Roommate
    2. Parent
    3. Sibling
    4. Significant other
  5. What’s one thing you hope Bruno sees in his vision of your future?
    1. A new relationship
    2. Good grades
    3. A club/internship acceptance
    4. Lots and lots of rest to recharge 
  6. Lastly, what gift/power would you pick to help you conquer 2022?
    1. Supersight
    2. Mind reading 
    3. Self-duplication 
    4. Teleportation 
  7. Answers: 
    1.  “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”: You ARE the moment. Like Encanto’s most popular and arguably catchiest song, you’re ready to embrace all the twists and turns 2022 is bringing your way. 
    2.  “What Else Can I Do?”: This year has definitely been one of growth so far. Maybe you’ve started some good habits or stepped out of your comfort zone. Either way, we’re so excited to see what else you can do!
    3.  “Surface Pressure”: Maybe this year has been kind of overwhelming so far. With the COVID-19 cases rising and spring semester officially starting, make sure to take time to release all that pressure. 
    4.  “Dos Oruguitas”: 2022 has been a rollercoaster of emotions so far, just like this song. From joy to maybe even fear, January makes you feel like you’ve already lived out the whole year.
    5.  “The Family Madrigal”: Grandkid roundup! Grandkid roundup! This year, you’ve definitely been rounding up all of your friends and family for a mini reunion. School’s been hard, but having all of these people on your side makes it better. 

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