A playlist to reflect, reimagine the new year

Illustration of a girl listening to music happily as a colourful breeze passes her by.
Aishwarya Jayadeep/Senior Staff

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With uncertainty comes the need to adapt and construct a mindset that will allow you to put your best foot forward. Although the new year may not be unfolding how you expected, this playlist will inspire you to reflect on the passing year and enter 2022 with a fresh, eager perspective. Just like all art, interpret each song to your own liking to think about how you’re going to tackle this new semester.

“Wonder” by Shawn Mendes: “Do I speak my truth” 

Intrusive thoughts. Fears. Anxieties. We have all had them. What worried you in 2021? What else did you learn about yourself this year? Let the ethereal harmonies of this song send you into a trance of relaxation and self-reflection. 

“Tell Me It’s Over” by Avril Lavigne: “If it’s really over”

In which the new always means a loss of the old. Take three minutes and eight seconds with the one and only Avril Lavigne to think about what that looks like for you. A good scream never hurt anyone. 

“Don’t Take The Money” by Bleachers: “You make me feel it” 

You can’t have a new year without resolutions and aspirations. Jack Antonoff from Bleachers tells us that this song is about having “a gut feeling” and “following a light” through life. Let this uplifting rock anthem inspire you to follow your dreams and passions in 2022.

“I Choose” by Alessia Cara: “Feeling lonely don’t mean you’re alone” 

This song starred in the Netflix original animated movie “The Willoughbys,” bringing joy and hope to a dark and charming story. Returning from remote learning and social isolation, the world found joy by realizing the importance of human connection. Who or what are you choosing in 2022?

“Love Me More” by Mitski: “There’s another day to come” 

When it comes to writing thrillingly desperate, ultimately tragic love songs, no one does it like Mitski. Is there something you are looking to manifest in 2022? Person, place or thing, having drive and desire makes life worth living. 

Since I Was Young” by Wrabel and Kesha: “Ain’t it so bittersweet”

Amid self-reflection, it’s easy to highlight negativity and neglect the experiences and mundane nuances that make you who you are. Take the lyrics of these songs to heart — appreciate your journey and how it has led you to today. 

“When You Were Made” by the Growlers: “Don’t worry babe”

Something we are leaving behind in 2021 is blaming ourselves for things out of our control. The serene vocals and descriptive storytelling create a soothing conversational tone that can be understood in any context. Let it convince you that you are loved!

“Change the Channel” by Mia Gladstone: “Just be good to yourself

After everything you’ve been through in 2021, make this song your best friend to bring positivity to the year. With both empowering and grounding lyrics, Gladstone brings the wake-up call and energy boost you need to tackle your 8 a.m. classes this semester.

“Naked” by Bickle: “There’s no need to worry”

When was the last time you let loose? This song is all about trusting yourself and living to the fullest. Turn up your volume and let your body move to the energetic beat of this track. You deserve a pick-me-up!

“I Guess I’m In Love” by Clinton Kane: “This is more”

At the end of the day, all we can do is look at who we are today and all that we have overcome in the past to fall in love with the person we have become. What does love mean to you? What about self-love? 

“New Blood” by Gryffin and Boy Matthews: “I’m alive” 

Not an ending but just the beginning. It’s time to take everything you have reflected on and keep it in your mind as you discover what 2022 has to offer. Until then, a euphoric EDM song to send you into the new year is exactly what you need. 

I hope this playlist left you feeling grateful for the fortunes of the passing year and optimistic for this season of change and new beginnings. Whether you are going with the flow or in dire need of a reset, the beginning of a new year can be a great time to set your expectations for this new chapter of your life. Music can be a resource to aid that process. I always find myself coming back to these songs when I need some reassurance or relaxation, so thank you for letting me share them with you.

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