‘Unique and rich’: Champion’s Curry is coming to Berkeley

Photo of a plate of Katsu Curry
Champion's Curry/Courtesy
Japanese curry restaurant chain Champion's Curry plans to open its first Bay Area location in Berkeley.

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Champion’s Curry, a Japanese curry restaurant chain, will be coming to Channing Way and Telegraph Avenue in the fall as its first Bay Area location.

The curry chain was established 61 years ago in Kanazawa, Japan and has more than 30 different locations in Japan, according to Yoya Takahashi, a chef and chief operations officer of Champion’s Curry. The restaurant’s forthcoming Berkeley location will be the chain’s third restaurant in the United States, Takahashi added.

“We are most excited to expand to Berkeley,” Takahashi said in an email. “Residents of Berkeley can experience a new style of Japanese curry and we are eager to see customers try something new and hopefully love it!”

Champion’s Curry has a “unique and rich” curry recipe that can’t be found anywhere else, Takahashi said. The restaurant serves curry with its own kind of flavor and texture and is accompanied by a deep-fried katsu cutlet, he added.

While Takahashi explained that Champion’s Curry is coming to Berkeley to share their unique Kanazawa style curry to the United States, he also noted that they are ready to face the challenge of serving a busy city.

“Berkeley is a very high population dense area full of college students and office workers right around the corner,” Takahashi said in the email. “After a long day of school or work many people enjoy treating themselves with a fresh meal and we will be right there to serve our future customers a new style of curry.”

Despite the challenges, Takahashi said customers can expect to be welcomed in Japanese into a friendly environment that is ready with hot meals.

Like their other restaurants, patrons of Champion’s Curry will be greeted with an “irashyaimase!,” which means “welcome” in Japanese, according to Takahashi.

“From everyone at Champion’s Curry, Thank you for giving us this amazing opportunity in the beautiful city of Berkeley,” Takahashi said in the email. “We can not wait to see you there!”

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Due to misinformation from a source, this article incorrectly stated Champion’s Curry has more than 60 different locations in Japan. In fact, it has more than 30 locations.
Due to misinformation from a source, this article incorrectly stated Champion’s Curry serves Kanazawa-ken style curry. In fact, it serves Kanazawa-style curry.