Quiz: Which ‘Attack on Titan’ character is your Valentine?

Photo of a still from Attack on Titan

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With the second part of “Attack on Titan” season four in full swing and Valentine’s Day creeping up on us, it’s time to find ourselves a fictional character to crush on. Many of us will want the fidget spinner, 5-foot-3 baddie Levi Ackerman, but not all of us can have him. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of other characters left to spare. Devote yourself to this quiz, and see which “Attack on Titan” character is your Valentine based on your dessert preferences. Tatakae!

  1. Let’s start off easy. What’s your favorite kind of cookie?
    1. Chocolate chip
    2. Oatmeal raisin
    3. Snickerdoodle
    4. Shortbread
  2. What kind of pie do you usually crave?
    1. Pumpkin
    2. Pecan
    3. Apple
    4. Cherry
  3. Think fast! What’s your go-to cake flavor?
    1. Cheesecake
    2. Red Velvet
    3. Birthday
    4. Chocolate or vanilla
  4. Your crush just rejected you. Which ice cream will soothe your broken heart?
    1. Strawberry shortcake
    2. Rocky road
    3. Mint chocolate chip
    4. Rainbow sherbet
  5. Pick a sweet drink!
    1. Milk tea boba
    2. Strawberry banana smoothie
    3. Blackberry mint lemonade
    4. Hot chocolate
  6. Finally, pick a candy you’d want to share with your Valentine.
    1. Kisses, duh!
    2. Conversation hearts
    3. Pink Peeps
    4. Dum-Dum heart lollipops
    1. Eren Jaeger! Like spiked hot chocolate and cinnamon brownies, Eren’s got a sweet soul with hot intentions. He may not be the most romantically apt or outwardly caring guy, but he will surely be the most passionate and bold Valentine.
    2. Mikasa Ackerman! Like red velvet cake and pizookies, Mikasa’s got a deep heart and will welcome you in with a warm embrace. She’s a tad shy when you first get to know her, but she’ll eventually come around and be the ultimate sweetheart.
    3. Armin Arlert! Like marshmallow peeps and smarties, Armin’s the perfect package of soft, sweet and smart. He’s the type of guy to go the whole nine yards to make your Valentine’s day extra special just to see your loving smile!
    4. Levi Ackerman! Like blackberry mint lemonade and sour gummy worms, Levi can be a bit bitter and relentlessly sour. I can’t promise you that he’ll even acknowledge the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day or that he’s your Valentine at all, but one thing’s for sure, he’s always got your back.

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