5 sex stores to spice up your sex life

Photo of adult shop FeelMore
William Webster/Staff

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No matter how well you know your own body or your partner’s, sometimes sex can get a little stale. The quickest way to spice things up and shake off the repetition? Introduce and equip some sex toys! 

Starting to work toys into your sexual routines can be intimidating. But these stores in Berkeley, Oakland and online will help you turn to the next page of your sex story and ease you into the world of sexual exploration — you know, with the help of a vibrator or two.

FeelMore — 2270 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

Conveniently located in Downtown Berkeley, this small but well-stocked FeelMore is perfect when you’re looking for your first sex store experience. In addition to providing free condoms for UC Berkeley students, the storefront is discrete and so are the employees. 

Even better, the store has an UberEats option if you want to order toys to your door from home, and if you’re feeling a bit uneasy about venturing out in person, they’ve also got a lovely website. The store is also incredibly queer-friendly, with toys specifically for queer couples and friendly employees willing to answer any and all questions. 

FeelMore — 1703 Telegraph Ave., Oakland

FeelMore’s flagship store down Telegraph Avenue in Oakland deserves its own separate entry; it is an entire level up from the Berkeley location. The store is thoughtfully laid out and truly just a pleasure to behold. The decor, visuals and kindness of the employees make this store a must-visit for anyone willing to spend an hour or two opening up about their sex life. 

While this location is equipped with the classic sex store stock — vibrators, dildos, butt plugs and accessories galore in glass, metal and plastic varieties — the Oakland FeelMore also has lingerie options: a queer, curated selection of protection and kinkier items. 

The true jewel of this location, however, are the employees — particularly the store’s owner, who is often on-site and ready to dive into making your sex life a real buzz.

Good Vibrations — 2504 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley and 3219 Lakeshore Ave., Oakland

Good Vibrations oozes good vibes. A vast range of toys, games and clothes are ready for you at both locations. It is classically stocked with lingerie (and dressing rooms at the Berkeley location), as well as lotions and a saucy book nook. 

Although these employees are less likely to dive into your personal sex life, according to an assortment of Yelp reviews, these locations also have a curbside pickup option and a separate website for COVID-safe fun.

Adam & Eve — https://www.adameve.com/ 

Sex has been transformed by the tech of the 21st century, and online sex shops truly display advancements in the world of sex toys. Despite its less-than-sexy website aesthetics, this online retailer has pictures, descriptions and reviews of everything and anything you could want to try. 

Dildos, vibrators and cock rings, oh my! Shop specifically for your vagina or penis, or browse with your partner and explore Adam & Eve’s toys marketed toward couples. Kinkier folks can get their boxes checked here too, with starter bondage kits, floggers, nipple clamps — pop the link into your browser and get scrolling. 

ACE Hardware — 2020 Milvia St. STE 100, Berkeley

If you’re looking to get kinky and creative, ACE Hardware by Downtown Berkeley might just be for you. The options are endless at ACE, and the employees will measure out however much of each material you need — it’s a helpful place indeed.  Expand your horizons at this hardware store. Rope play? Chains? Duct tape? The world is your oyster, or ACE Hardware. 

Katherine Shok is a deputy special issues editor. Contact her at [email protected]