Love is in the little things: A reverse poem

Photo of two people looking out into the sunset
Khristina Holterman/Staff

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Love is one grand act.

It would be untrue to say that

Love is in the small gestures.


I can say for sure

When you brush my hair

Untangling my matted worries

When you hug me so I feel secure, 

I simply could not care.


With the big acts to show the world, 

How proud you are to be seen with me. 

You seem to just know me.

And when you make me tea, 

The longer it seeps 

The stronger my love feels,


If only I cared. 

And taking yourself seriously;

Your stature

It’s just what I love about you. 

I feel sappy writing a love poem but

We work well together and

Because your weaknesses are my strengths


I am simply assured. 

That my eyes light up when I see you,

The way we laugh and talk the same or

You profess things to me in your sleep,

Muffled through your snores; 

I just hope you know


That’s not what I think about.

What you do for me Feb. 14

It is important,

Because I could not say 

Who needs one day

When love is in the little things every day,


Note: now read it from bottom to top



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