Valentine’s Day songs based on your relationship status

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Storefront displays boasting red roses, chocolate boxes and teddy bears line the streets of Berkeley, signaling the coming of Valentine’s Day. If you have a significant other, Valentine’s Day is your time to shine; for the ones still crushing, we’re rooting for you to capture their hearts; for those in the post-breakup stage, there is light at the end of the tunnel; and finally, for those enjoying the bliss of single life, pop a glass of your favorite drink, sit down and relax for a carefree day. No matter your relationship status, this playlist is designed for everyone celebrating Valentine’s Day in their own unique way.

In love: For the couples

With these dreamy pop indie and R&B rhythms emanating ’90s vibes, get ready to feel like you’re enjoying a fun and flirtatious date with your partner. Start off with the exhilarating feeling of a young summer fling present in “Antidote” and “Weightless,” and end with the palpable deep connection of two lovers present in “In the Dark” and “Hrs and Hrs.” All of these songs capture the same feelings of deep connection and love that you feel toward your significant other on this special day.

  • “Antidote”: Orion Sun
  • “Weightless”: LAYLA
  • “In the Dark”: Swae Lee feat. Jhené Aiko
  • “Hrs and Hrs”: Muni Long

Thinking of you: For the ones with a crush

Does your stomach fill with butterflies when that special someone pops into your mind? You hope they reciprocate your yearning and desire, but maybe it’s still too nerve-wracking to shoot your shot. These songs capture the dissatisfaction of unrequited love and your hopes that your crush will finally notice you in a romantic light.

  • “All the Pretty Girls”: Vera Blue
  • “Think”: Sole
  • “The Weekend”: 88Rising, BIBI and MILLI
  • “Ungodly Hour”: Chloe x Halle

Finding myself again: For that past love

If you find yourself unable to sleep at night, reminiscing on what could’ve been, these songs are perfect for you. All of these tracks will help you embrace the fond memories, but also give you the strength to let go and move on. Although it’s impossible to completely forget a past love, you can choose to no longer let that relationship define you and forge a new chapter of your life.

  • “Flowers for All Occasions”: Blood Cultures
  • “Our Time”: KATIE
  • “Dancing With Your Ghost”: Sasha Alex Sloan
  • “U Say”: The Bonfyre feat. 6lack

Galentine’s: For the besties (including yourself)

Romantic love isn’t the only type of love; you can also express and celebrate platonic love on Valentine’s Day, calling it Galentine’s instead. We show platonic love to our close friends — the ones who have been through thick and thin with us — to highlight how much we appreciate their comforting presence. We can also express self-love, which is irreplaceable. These songs will help you value the love you have in your friendships and with yourself.

  • “Chica”: Chungha
  • “One in a Million”: Aaliyah
  • “Stickwitu”: The Pussycat Dolls
  • “Pressure”: Bree Runway

Hopefully, this playlist provides the perfect background soundtrack for your Valentine’s Day plans — even if those plans just include curling up on the couch with a good book. So what are you waiting for? Hop onto your music streaming platform of choice, and give these songs a listen!

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