5 reasons to love your menstrual cycle

Photo of a sign that says "Periods are sexy"
Quinn Dombrowski/Creative Commons

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For everyone with a uterus, the menstrual cycle seems to be the biggest curse of Mother Nature. It feels as if our guts are being turned inside out and our souls are getting possessed by a demon. Let’s not forget how every pair of cute underwear we once owned was completely obliterated. Thankfully, there are also many upsides to the menstrual cycle that can make you look forward to your monthly period.

Your body is working properly

A monthly period signifies that your body is healthy and functioning as it should. The female body relies heavily on healthy hormones to maintain healthy bones, a functioning brain and a healthy heart. Having a period is like a report card that tells you your systems are in good health.

You have an excuse to eat everything in sight

Right before your period, your body produces more progesterone – the hormone that makes you hungry – and you tend to have intense cravings for certain foods such as chocolate and ice cream. This is the time of the month when you can allow some flexibility in your diet to make the mental and physical drainage a bit more bearable. Anyone who questions those late night Snackpass orders and chocolate bar wrappers deserves to get punched in the face.

People around you will probably respect you more

The moment you say you are on your period, people will either A) give you more space or B) treat you like a queen – both of which don’t sound so bad. You can act stubborn and a little bratty and get away with it because you are likely experiencing the most hellish week of the month. Anyone who doesn’t own a uterus must bow down, accept their biologically inferior pain tolerance and keep quiet.

You can catch up on rest

When you don’t feel like getting out of bed to exercise or do any chores, you can use this time to engage in the ultimate self-care. Whether you decide to catch up on your favorite shows, treat yourself to a spa night or get creative in the kitchen, your period gives you the freedom to act kindly to yourself.

Acts as a free pregnancy test

After a scandalous night out, you may have an inkling fear of pregnancy. But then boom! Aunt Flow’s beautiful arrival ensues. When no sperm enters the body to colonize our eggs, the inner lining of the uterus sheds and reminds us that we aren’t pregnant. Hurray to avoiding Planned Parenthood and child support!

Maybe having a period isn’t so bad after all. If you are experiencing that time of the month, remember that your body is strong, complex and beautiful to withstand the menstrual cycle — or should I say, the womxn-strual cycle.

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