Subpar at best: Cal women’s golf finishes in basement at Lamkin Invitational

Photo of women's golf
Karen Chow/Senior Staff

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The Bears teed up to swing big, but it seems as though the wind, the ball and pretty much everything else wasn’t on Cal’s side throughout the Lamkin Invitational.

Hoping to come out under par, the blue and gold’s performance was instead a tad bit underwhelming, as their drives fit more under the “subpar” description. Placing 12th in a 14-team invitational is nothing to write home about — and venturing all the way to San Diego only to finish in the basement of the rankings might have had the Bears feeling a little homesick.

The invitational began Feb. 14, and while the day might represent love and happiness, there was very little to be delighted about as the Bears began maneuvering themselves around the par-72 course at The Farms Golf Club in Rancho Santa Fe.

The Lamkin Invitational took place over two days. The golfers set out Monday, and while they began playing on fairly well-lit terrain, darkness was soon to stretch over the course as the sun began to set on San Diego — and on any hope the Bears had in placing above their abysmal 12th-place standing.

Sophomore Cristina Ochoa was predicted to hit the ball out of the course, but instead it remained in the pit as the No. 2 player on the team finished two over par 74 on Valentine’s. After a pleasing performance in the team’s winter stretch, Ochoa showed promising power in her swing — improving in the qualifying rounds. Even as she improved during the winter, the sophomore looks to excel for future rounds. Ochoa finished in a tie for No. 27 out of the 75 golfers at The Farms Golf Club.

However, Ochoa was one of two players that were able to play in a semi-lit course. The entire par-72 course was covered in shadows right after her swing, not aiding the rest of the players in the slightest.

After Monday’s rounds, the Bears stood at 37 over par and were 11th out of the 14 teams participating. Stanford led at two under par.

The second round commenced Tuesday morning as junior Jasmine Lew finished first for the Bears at No. 44 out of 75 players. She began her second round Tuesday due to the early darkness that fell on the course the day prior. Lew ended the tournament 16 over par.

Three individuals boasted an under-par finish, none of them representing the blue and gold.

San Jose State achieved the highest team ranking while Stanford’s Rachel Heck managed to swing her way to first with a five under-par score.

The Bears continue their schedule, competing at the Gunrock Invitational on Feb. 28 through March 1 in Sacramento.

As the Cal women’s golf team ambles back to the bay and looks to continue its spring stretch, fans can only hope that the mediocrity of the team’s performance is substituted with something a little more on par with a win.

Maria Khan is a deputy sports editor. Contact her at [email protected].