4 workout classes to try around SF

Nenad Stojkovic/Creative Commons
(Photo by Nenad Stojkovic under CC BY 2.0.)

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After months of Chloe Ting’s YouTube workouts and endless family walks during quarantine, I got tired of doing the same exercises. It was definitely time to find new ways to move my body — and what better way to do that than to explore the city at the same time. Whether you’re into cardio, cycling or weightlifting, here are four workout classes around San Francisco for you to try!


Riding a bike that goes nowhere in a dark room might seem odd at first, but do not underestimate the power of a motivational 45-minute cycling session. If it’s your first time at the studio, SoulCycle offers free shoe rentals in addition to instructions on how to set up your bike to get the most out of your ride. The combination of a sweaty workout, feel-good music and inspiring words from the instructor will make you never want to clip off those bikes. With themed rides that range from Jack Harlow to Taylor Swift, a fancy shower area and a student discount, SoulCycle is something to keep at the top of your list. 

Orangetheory Fitness

If you’re looking for more than just cardio — perhaps strength training, rowing or running — Orangetheory Fitness has got you covered. Workouts usually revolve around maximizing your heart rate so that you can reach at least 12 “Splat Points” during the “Orange” and “Red” zones. While this might sound a bit much to keep track of while you’re rowing 500 meters, finishing this hourlong workout will make you want to instantly become a member. Getting in cardio and strength training in one session is ideal for busy college students, and with UC Berkeley student discounts, Orangetheory makes it simple to strap on that heart-rate monitor and start racking up those points. 

Barry’s Bootcamp 

This workout class will leave you burning up and extremely sore. Barry’s Bootcamp is famous for its “Red Room” studio layout and carefully curated 50-minute high-intensity interval training workouts. Some of these workouts include a mix between treadmill sprints and heavy lifting, leaving you feeling stronger and sweatier than ever. Beyond the workouts, you also get some luxurious amenities, such as a fancy shower featuring expensive shower products and a Fuel Bar where you can preorder a protein smoothie right after your sweat session. Barry’s makes it so that you can leave each class feeling and looking your best. 

CorePower Yoga 

CorePower Yoga can definitely turn your stress into a sweaty yoga sculpt session. You can become stronger with challenging poses and postures while also integrating meditation and breathwork to release built-up tension. This workout class can also refill your body with satisfying endorphins that come with a good workout. Ranging from Yoga Sculpt classes, Hot Yoga Fusion and your “new-to-yoga” classic C2 class, CorePower will soon become part of your Sunday reset routine. 

While the Recreational Sports Facility holds a special place in the hearts of UC Berkeley students, it’s always a fun idea to try out different ways of moving — especially in the beautiful city of San Francisco! So whether you’re cycling to the beat of a song or in downward dog, you are sure to enjoy these workout classes.

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