Black History Month 2022 Impact Issue: Editor’s note

Angela Bi/Staff

Now is an opportunity to better represent Black communities and fight systemic racism. However, our efforts should not be limited to any one instance, as systemic issues require systemic solutions and sustained work from our entire community. 

Our Black History Month Issue highlights Black athletes and artists and their experiences within and beyond their disciplines. This issue documents efforts to achieve imperative, lasting change while at the same time noting areas where the city of Berkeley and campus come up short. 

Underrepresented Black communities have been and are underserved by campus institutions — including The Daily Californian — despite Black leaders having defined and shaped the very fabric of the Bay Area’s culture. We must continue to create change by actively uplifting Black perspectives in Berkeley now and forever.


Jasper Kenzo Sundeen is editor in chief and president, Mallika Seshadri is the managing editor and Lisi Ludwig is the creative director. Contact them at [email protected]