Quiz: Which underrated UC Berkeley library should you visit?

photo of East Asian Library
Meghnath Dey/Staff
(Meghnath Dey/Staff)

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Midterm season is alive and well. While we’re all sad we can’t go over to Moffitt Library to study, there are many other places (aside from the more popular Doe and Kresge libraries and Main Stacks) on campus that are open for all students to explore. Take this quiz to see which one you should visit!

  1. What’s your go-to method for studying for exams?
    1. Active recall
    2. Rewriting my notes
    3. Playing teacher
    4. Doing practice exams
  2. Pick a boba shop in Berkeley
    1. TP TEA
    2. Sharetea
    3. Boba Ninja 
    4. Sweetheart Cafe
  3. What kind of assignment do you actually look forward to doing?
    1. Any type of essay or paper
    2. Making slideshows for presentations
    3. Labs
    4. Projects
  4. What type of seats do you go to in libraries?
    1. The big, shared tables
    2. Private cubbies
    3. Study rooms
    4. Just on the floor
  5. What’s your favorite way to reward yourself?
    1. Eating out
    2. Going on a day trip with friends
    3. Staying in to binge a TV show 
    4. Going out and partying 
  6. Pick the best part about Moffitt (before it closed)
    1. Being able to bring food and drinks in
    2. Its location
    3. Being able to talk freely
    4. The modern vibe
  7. 1. Music Library: Located near campus’s School of Law, the Music Library has some gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows to bring in natural light as you study. It’s perfect for studying in-between classes while the sun is up
    2. Valley Life Sciences Building/Bioscience, Natural Resources & Public Health Library: Not a lot of people know there’s a library inside of the VLSB since it’s not visible from the outside. However, this library has a couple of study rooms for you and your friends to collaborate in!
    3. Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library: The main selling point of this library is its location. If you’re already on the east side of campus and don’t want to go back to Doe, you can hang out here before your next class.
    4. Business Library: Located in the Haas School of Business, this library has one of the comfiest and coolest chairs out there. Definitely check it out if ever you’re in the area.

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