Dorian Electra pushes their agenda, wows August Hall

Photo of Dorian Electra at their concert
Charlene Wang/Staff

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Dorian Electra is no stranger to the stage. Yet, with the pandemic marking a sudden end to Electra’s Flamboyant Tour, fans were left on the edge of their seats, awaiting the next move from the emerging hyper pop superstar. Two years later, Electra has graced the screens for numerous virtual concerts, released a critically-acclaimed sophomore album and grown the Electra enterprise to outstanding heights –– a clear backdrop to 2022’s My Agenda World Tour.

August Hall burst with a palpable energy that can only be ascribed to Electra’s urge to return to the stage –– the place where their stardom shines brightest. The packed auditorium was filled with fans ecstatic for the artist’s long-awaited return. It was an eye-catching crowd to say the least, populated by furries, punks, drag queens, dominatrixes and everyone in between. All gathered to celebrate the musician’s successes while moshing to undeniable bops; it became immensely clear that Electra’s agenda has spread significantly further since the days of Flamboyant.

The sounds of swords unsheathing rippled in the room, and a low, almost demonic voice announcing the long-awaited “DORIAN ELECTRA” piped through the room. As Electra made their way onto the stage, silhouetted by neon green lights, the intro to “F the World” began to blast through the speakers, making the crowd immediately begin to dance, scream, push and shove. Singing the outlandish lyrics (“F the world ’cause I love it/ F the world, wanna hug it/ Tell the world I won’t miss it/ F the world, wanna kiss it”) the night was off with a bang.

In the first of three costume changes throughout the night, Electra donned a leather trench coat and matching oversized cowboy-hat-fedora mashup. Their minimal yet effective setup affirmed their unmatched talent in making their aesthetic visions come to light. With their neon green hair glowing under a blacklight, the room temporarily transformed into the beautiful, uncanny and sometimes grimey world of My Agenda.

One of the show’s many highlights, Electra’s performance of the angst-filled “Edgelord” morphed into an eccentric baroque harpsichord instrumental. Then, mere seconds later, the music contorted once again into the slowed down, nonetheless provocative “Give Great Thanks.” By cramming three distinct musical narratives into a minute, Electra not only presented their diverse musical catalog but even more impressively made the disjointed musical themes blend perfectly into one another.

Another high point of the night was Electra’s sheer vocal prowess. From their renditions of “Adam & Steve” to “Live By The Sword,” their immense vocal and stylistic range was put onto full display, serving as an incredibly sturdy foundation for the concert’s visual ambitions.

Beyond Electra’s energetic set list, choreography and drama abounded aplenty. Flanked by two backup dancers, the concert was obviously created with great care. Wind and fog machines transformed the air and generated mood, heightened by intricate lighting design. From intricate costuming to sword dancing galore, the performance was equal parts a marvel of aesthetics and music. 

The encore featured their remix of Lady Gaga’s “Replay” and the admired “Career Boy.” Electra tearfully thanked the audience for its warm welcome, only deepening the feelings of love and acceptance that flowed through August Hall. Laughing and taking selfies with the crowd and their own team, it was clear that Electra and their posse enjoyed the performance just as much as their fans did.

As the quirky crowd filtered out onto the streets of San Francisco, attendees chattered about their next opportunity to see Electra again, showing how the unparalleled energy of the My Agenda World Tour lives on, even after the curtains close.

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