The Clog’s power ranking of Trader Joe’s spices, seasonings

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Sunny Shen/Senior Staff

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Going to Trader Joe’s is a quintessential part of being a UC Berkeley student. As a fellow Trade Joe’s lover, going up and down the aisles and checking out what new food the store carries truly excites me. One of the things I could spend hours doing is looking through the selection of seasonings and spices. Having tried a reasonable number of these seasonings and consulted with other friends who are also fans, here’s our power ranking of some of the best Trader Joe’s spices.

7. 21 seasoning salute

The name itself says it all. With 21 different spices, this blend really elevates any dish you put it in. Cayenne pepper, oregano and onion powder are just three out of the 21. Usually, I love using this with meats, from chicken to beef. 

6. Vegan chicken-less seasoning salt

This vegan seasoning is kind of like bouillon powder. Great on soups, vegetables and even popcorn, you add this flavor-packed salt to enhance the flavors of any meat-free dish of your choosing. 

5. Mushroom umami

Umami is one of the five basic tastes, characterized by its savoriness. This seasoning is simply umami in a bottle. Whenever my dish feels like it’s lacking something, I usually turn to this bottle to solve that.

4. Chile lime

Whenever you need to bring just the right amount of heat to your food, the Trader Joe’s chile lime seasoning does just that. It hits the sweet spot of balance between the spicy kick and the sour lime, which really complement one another. From Mexican to even Asian dishes, chile lime is a way to add the spice you need. 

3. Everything but the bagel

This extremely popular Trader Joe’s staple is basically a bagel minus the actual bagel: poppy seeds, minced garlic and onion, as well as sesame seeds. It’s perfect for dips, salads and even pizza! My favorite use is to put it on avocado toast. 

2. Furikake

As a rice bowl lover, I put this furikake seasoning on every single rice bowl I make. From Emily Mariko’s viral salmon rice to simple egg on rice, this mix of seaweed, salt and sesame seeds makes every bite full of flavor. 

1. Onion salt 

This seasoning takes our top spot because of its versatility. This blend of granulated onion, garlic, salt, green onion and chives can be added to literally anything: meat, vegetables, eggs, dips or even crackers. 

Now that we’re done with our seasoning roundup, head off to Trader Joe’s to try out these spices if you haven’t already! They are really the key to making those college meals.

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