Independent candidate Aryan Deorah launches ASUC Senate campaign

Photo of Aryan Deorah

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Campus sophomore Aryan Deorah is running independently for the ASUC Senate on a platform of reforming funding for Registered Student Organizations, or RSOs, improving technological equity and increasing student events.

As the current Legislative Director for ASUC Senator Ashley Rehal and a former associate in ASUC Senator Julia Castro’s office, Deorah has found “issues” with RSOs funding while researching ASUC financials.

“There are low limits on new clubs receiving funding, so I would raise those limits,” Deorah said. “I also hope to provide oversight on how funding is allocated and dispersed.”

Deorah, a data science and political science major, believes technology inequity exists throughout campus, but is especially prevalent in STEM classes. He added he wants to raise awareness of this issue.

If elected, Deorah wants to lobby campus to discourage the use of “optional tech assignments” that many students cannot complete because they require tablets, printers or software from high-end laptops.

Deorah noted his own experiences of growing up in a rural area helped him understand these concerns.

“People may not be aware that low-income students have these issues,” Deorah said. “I can reflect on the concerns of low-income students.”

Deorah’s third goal is to increase the number of student events to add to the “campus culture” by devoting ASUC funds to ASUC-sponsored events, such as startup fairs and recreational sports tournaments.

He would like to work with the ASUC Student Union to implement more interactive events where students can meet new people and become more involved.

“I spent a lot of time before my campaign talking to random students across campus and seeing what they wanted,” Deorah said. “One of the biggest things they wanted is more of a social culture.”

Deorah believes his previous experiences in public service, both within and outside of the ASUC, make him qualified for the job.

As a freshman in ASUC Senator Julia Castro’s Legislative Department, Deorah edited bills and co-sponsored one major bill that raised senator stipends to make the ASUC more accessible for low-income candidates.

“I meticulously poured over bylaws, learned how to write legislation and open letters, attended workshops, and … immersed myself in the student government ecosystem,” Deorah said. “I learned how to work with people with different opinions and push through legislation.”

In his Legislative Director position this year, Deorah wrote and co-sponsored a bill encouraging campus to implement caste protections in its anti-discrimination policy, an accomplishment he said garnered attention from outside organizations.

Aside from the ASUC, Deorah has volunteered in Washington, D.C., and he is an Eagle Scout. He credits these experiences with fostering his leadership, communication and collaboration skills.

“I’m a good networker, I’m personable, and I know people from different communities so I can get opinions from a wide variety of people,” Deorah said.

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