Longfellow Middle School locked down over alleged weapon

Photo of Longfellow school
Charlene Wang/Staff

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Longfellow Middle School underwent a lockdown after school staff learned that a former student who had returned to the school allegedly may have had a weapon, according to a press release from Berkeley Unified School District, or BUSD, Superintendent Brent Stephens.

The press release added at the student, who now lives outside of the Bay Area, did not make “any threat” and was not “agitated.”

“When the student was no longer on campus, school staff learned of the possibility that the student may have had a weapon,” Stephens said in the press release. “Longfellow administrators rightly alerted the Berkeley Police Department and the district office, and conducted a full lockdown.”

Stephens noted two other BUSD campuses, Berkeley High School and Berkeley Technology Academy, underwent a “soft” lockdown, where the school gates were closed but student movement around campus was not restricted.

The student was located within approximately two hours. BPD confirmed the student was safe.

“We are most relieved to know that the former student is safe and reunited with family,” Stephens said in the press release.

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