UC partners with Wiley to expand access to UC-authored articles

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A pilot program between the UC system and academic publisher Wiley offers open access publishing for UC authors at a reduced price in Wiley journals.

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The UC system announced a one-year pilot partnership with the academic publisher Wiley where UC authors can publish their work open access in Wiley journals for a discounted price.

Open access publishing makes work published in Wiley journals available at no cost to readers, according to a press release from the UC Berkeley Library. For authors at all UC campuses and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, this partnership reduces the usual fee required to make one’s writing open access by 15%.

“Our goal for future agreements is to agree with Wiley to repurpose the subscription dollars the Library spends with Wiley to support open access publishing for all articles with UC Berkeley lead authors,” said campus librarian Jeffrey MacKie-Mason in an email. “If we succeed, then all authors will receive an even larger reduction in the fee for publishing their articles open access in Wiley journals.”

The UC system is not a stranger to partnering with Wiley, as it has maintained a reading-based subscription deal with Wiley for several years, according to MacKie-Mason. However, this is the first deal with Wiley focused on the publication of open access articles for UC authors.

According to MacKie-Mason, if a UC author would like to publish their article open access, Wiley’s typical fee to do so is about $3,500. The 15% discount would likely increase the amount of UC authors that publish open access and allow their work to spread more widely around the world, MacKie-Mason said.

“(The deal) provides UC students, faculty, researchers, and health care professionals with unlimited reading access to all of Wiley’s journals,” reads a UC Berkeley Library statement.

MacKie-Mason also emphasized the fact that this deal will increase the availability of scholarly work and decrease the price one must pay for access to those ideas.

Furthermore, this deal will benefit not only UC scholars and authors, but international scholars as well, MacKie-Mason noted.

“Because the subscription prices for Wiley journals are so high, this agreement will especially benefit those in low- and middle-income countries,” MacKie-Mason said in the email. “Most scholars in those countries have severely limited access to the latest research because of the high price for reading.”

MacKie-Mason also noted the Wiley partnership will have no direct impact on campus librarians. The only change will be to spread awareness to campus authors about Wiley and the waived fee for open access publication.

The partnership is set to last for one year, according to the UC Berkeley Library press release. The library also said the year will act as a test trial for Wiley. If successful, the deal may expand in the future.

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