Could the Fight Against Dementia Include Cataract Surgery?

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Could the Fight Against Dementia Include Cataract Surgery?


Dementia is a debilitating condition that not only affects the person and their memories but also has a detrimental effect on their family and people around them. Indeed, a lot of research is being carried out to find out what causes dementia and ways that the disease can be slowed down or prevented altogether.


Recent studies have shown that there might be a link between cataract surgery and dementia. Namely, this surgery could lower the risk of getting the disease. Let’s take a closer look at what the research shows.


Cataracts and Dementia: Is There a Link?


For a long time, there has been speculation on what causes dementia and whether you are able to lower your risk of getting the disease. Indeed, you will often see articles about foods that can fight against dementia or how exercise is something that can lower your risk. But, one study has also noted that there could be a link between certain eye diseases and the condition. Namely, cataracts have been highlighted.


In the past, some studies have been speculative on the link between cataracts and dementia. But, more recent studies are coming out to suggest there could be something between these two conditions. We all know that technology is constantly improving and research is more advanced. This can be seen all over the world and when it comes to other eye conditions. For example, the Tej Kohli foundation is making huge progress in curing corneal blindness and there are other conditions that technology is helping too.


The New Evidence You Need to Hear


There is one study, in particular, that is getting everyone talking about this subject. This states that there is a relationship between the two conditions. In particular, getting cataract surgery might help to reduce the risk of dementia in patients. How could this be? Well, it might be the fact that when you have cataracts your vision is impaired. When you are not able to see very well, this is going to lead to reduced physical activity, as well as not taking part in hobbies, social events and even working. In addition, there could be a risk of depression from the loss of vision, which might be a factor in developing dementia.


Some argue that there might not be a direct link. However, there is no doubt that cataract surgery can improve your quality of life. You are going to restore your vision, which enables you to enjoy your favorite activities, as well as participate socially. There are some studies to suggest that dementia can be accelerated when you are not using your brain or you are experiencing social isolation.


In order to reach a conclusion on this topic, more studies are going to be necessary. But, there is certainly a suggestion that cataract surgery might be able to help people. Not only is this in the short term and with their eyesight, but it could stop other problems that could contribute to dementia risk later on.


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