A beginner’s guide to low-maintenance plants

Photo of potted plants on a table
Charlene Wang/Staff

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When moving into a new space, we start out by thinking of future decorations. Candles, string lights, colorful curtains and, now especially, plants. 

The culture of having flowers, plants and succulents is highly promoted on social media and is an undoubtedly beautiful trend. It is possible, however, that some of us are less comfortable with keeping up with a living thing and don’t have the greenest thumbs. Here is a list of plants that are fairly easy to put up with, making them just the perfect fit for beginner plant parents! 


I know what you are thinking: “Isn’t this the … sunburn plant?” The answer is yes. However, aloe is actually one of the easiest plants to take care of and maintain. All it needs is water every two to three weeks. Aloe plants are a great fit for busy college students, since they don’t need daily attention. 

Chinese money plant 

If you are on TikTok often, then you know exactly what I am talking about here. This plant has been popular on social media, as it not only looks sophisticated but is also said to bring wealth and luck to the owner. Also referred to as Pilea, it doesn’t require frequent watering and thus is a perfect combination of easy care and some luck for your finals. 

Spider plant 

This plant easily adapts to its surroundings, so if you are living in a dorm and are not getting too much sunlight, this might be perfect for you. Keep in mind, though, that the spider plant grows VERY quickly, so don’t forget to trim and adjust it. 

Snake plant 

This plant is almost impossible to kill. It does not need direct sunlight or an abundance of water. The soil should be completely dry between watering, which certainly would give you more time to take care of the plant. 

Lucky bamboo 

Another lucky plant that is nearly impossible to kill is bamboo. If you’d rather not deal with soil all the time, try buying a lucky bamboo plant. It’s a very cute plant that will definitely fit any room. All you have to do is put the plant in a vase with water and watch it develop over the next few weeks. 

Barrel cactus 

Probably one of the most popular plants that doesn’t require too much care is a cactus. The only way to kill it is if you water it TOO much, so having a cactus really does not entail much responsibility. Cacti look very sophisticated and blossom anywhere from once to twice a year, so you will always have something to look forward to during midterms or finals. 

No matter what plant you get, it will certainly be a great addition to your room decor. Make sure to still take care of these plants, even though they are pretty low maintenance. Hopefully, by practicing on these “easy to handle” plants, you will feel prepared to invest in other flowers that are a little harder to keep up with.

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