Bridgette Meshkani promotes safety and accessibility in ASUC Senate campaign

Photo of Bridgette Meshkani

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Campus freshman Bridgette Meshkani is running for ASUC Senate with a platform centered around student safety, Greek life community development and mental health advocacy.

As a first-generation American, Meshkani’s involvement in the Iranian Student Cultural Organization allowed her to find a club that represents her identity, exposing her to a variety of clubs that she said she’ll be able to help in the future. Meshkani, who is studying economics and legal studies, has experience in the ASUC as the director of Jewish affairs for Senator Sophie Morris, and mental health associate under Senator Issabella Romo.

Meshkani said she pulls inspiration from Romo and Morris because of their inclusivity of different groups across campus. She specifically highlighted Romo’s ability to be inclusive of and advocate for communities that she personally did not identify with.

“One of my primary platforms, student safety, is to work with different groups on campus that don’t necessarily feel like they can express themselves fully or are underrecognized,” Meshkani said. “Being that person to help publicize their events, to do what I can to make them feel safer on campus.”

In addition to helping student organizations feel represented, Meshkani plans on providing resources for “intersectional coalition building” and increasing safety in residence halls.

She also said she intends on implementing a monthly newsletter on the topic of campus climate, which she believes would help keep students informed and involved in their school.

Meshkani, a member of Greek life, wants to make the campus Greek community more accessible for students with different socioeconomic backgrounds by alleviating the financial burden. She added that she intends to advocate for increased access to need-based scholarships and a more “financially accessible” recruitment process.

Meshkani’s final platform surrounds mental health advocacy, specifically the creation of a more personal approach to relaying information about mental health resources.

She said she hopes to work with the Tang Center, University Health Services and Counseling and Psychological Services to increase resource accessibility and institute peer-to-peer student outreach.

Meshkani hopes to implement this personal mental health outreach through Golden Bear Orientation and resident assistants in residence halls.

According to a campaign Instagram post, Meshkani also plans on creating monthly mental health care packages to give to students during midterm season, and aims to work with mental health clubs to increase their presence on Sproul Plaza.

“I think the ASUC does a really good job prioritizing students and making their experiences better, now and in the future, ” Meshkani said. “I really want to be a part of that change, because I think it’s amazing.”

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