Shay Cohen runs independently for ASUC Senate

Photo of Shay Cohen

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Campus freshman Shay Cohen is running as an independent candidate for the ASUC Senate. Her campaign is centered around Jewish representation, sexual wellness and ASUC transparency.

Cohen was part of ASUC Senator Issabella Romo’s office this year and is currently a legislative associate with her, which presented her with the opportunity to work on multiple bills.

“It’s really important that students are represented on campus,” Cohen said. “I want to ensure that the student body gets represented the right way.”

Cohen is currently on her sorority’s bylaw committee and hopes to use this legislative experience to pass the right bylaws for students, Cohen said.

Jewish transparency and inclusion on campus is another one of the issues she would like to address, Cohen said.

Implementing antisemitic preventions, providing resources for Jewish students and expanding kosher options on campus are some actions she would like to take to support the Jewish community.

“I’ve seen firsthand the way ASUC struggles to support Jewish members of the community and to represent the student body adequately,” said campus senior Garrett Layton in an email. “But Shay has shown an unwavering outspokenness on issues that matter and has been unapologetically committed to her values.”

Cohen also anticipates regularly holding town hall meetings to ensure that students are aware of the bills being passed by the ASUC and using additional methods to make the ASUC more transparent.

Sexual wellness and sexual assault prevention is an additional platform she plans to support by initiating self-defense workshops and ensuring that students feel safe to use the sexual assault hotline.

Cohen said she hopes to initiate a project to develop an app that can ensure safety in social settings.

“Each student that wants to attend a Greek-life-affiliated party would have to complete a sexual assault and consent workshop. After they have it completed, they would get a green badge every semester which they can use to enter parties,” Cohen said. “This way, we can ensure that everyone is educated on consent.”

She is currently working with other students to generate the app and hopes to be able to have it ready by the beginning of the next school year, Cohen said.

Campus junior and Cohen’s campaign manager Alicia Fusco said in an email that Cohen’s prior involvement on campus makes her a qualified candidate for ASUC senator.

“I hope that Shay will bring a new perspective and fresh ideas to the ASUC,” Fusco said in the email. “I hope that she will be a phenomenal representative for the Jewish community, helping us reach new heights.”

Lauren Cho is a student life reporter. Contact her at [email protected].