Here’s how you should vote on 2022 ASUC ballot propositions

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: This year’s ballot includes the Graduate Assembly Fee and the Save the Daily Cal Initiative. 

Photo of the Graduate Assembly seal
Lisi Ludwig/Senior Staff

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Each year, students have the ability to vote on a series of propositions designed to support students and various campus services. 

This year’s ballot includes two propositions: the Graduate Assembly Fee and the Save the Daily Cal Initiative. 

Graduate Assembly Fee — YES 

In last year’s ASUC elections, the Graduate Assembly, or GA, Fee garnered mass voter approval. Failing to meet the minimum voter turnout, however, the fee ultimately did not pass. 

This year, the GA Fee returns to the ballot in similar form and function, and the voter’s choice remains the same: Vote yes on the Graduate Assembly Fee referendum.

If passed, the referendum would end graduate student contribution to the ASUC Fee and instead divert the funds into a new, Graduate Assembly Fee. In total, the GA fee amounts to $33.00 per academic semester with one-third of the fee returning to support graduate student financial aid. 

This referendum would grant the GA fiscal independence and oversight of its own funding, which would streamline bureaucracy and ensure effective, constituent-centric usage of its money. As in its past, some of the GA funds would support graduate student organizations and programs, such as basic needs projects, as well as stipends for GA officials. 

Undergraduates may lack a complete understanding of graduate student needs. The GA Fee safeguards funding mishaps, secures GA autonomy and prioritizes graduate students and their priorities for years to come. 

This measure is long overdue. Vote yes on the Graduate Assembly Fee referendum.

Save the Daily Cal Initiative 

The Daily Californian’s editorial board will refrain from commenting on this proposition to preserve editorial integrity. We do, however, encourage all students to vote rather than abstain. Please see our editor’s note for more information.

Editorials represent the majority opinion of the editorial board as written by the spring 2022 opinion editor, Jessie Wu.