Student Action candidate Tyler Mahomes-Kramer runs for ASUC Senate

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Campus sophomore Tyler Mahomes-Kramer is running for ASUC Senate with the Student Action party on a platform of mental health advocacy and increased inclusivity in Greek life.

As vice president of UC Berkeley’s Alpha Tau Omega chapter, he experienced firsthand the barriers people face when joining Greek life, such as dues. Mahomes-Kramer, who is majoring in legal studies and interdisciplinary studies, added that he hopes to decrease financial restrictions within Greek life and improve its relationship with campus.

“Campus right now, and for good reason, sees Greek life as a nuisance,” said Mahomes-Kramer. “I want to change that stigma. We offer great leadership opportunities and other basic needs like housing — Greek life does that really well.”

Increased representation for underrepresented students and community engagement overall lie at the center of his campaign, Mahomes-Kramer noted. He hopes to hold philanthropy events at People’s Park, and work with organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club to give back to the community.

Mahomes-Kramer said he was approached to provide an outside perspective, as he has no previous formal experience with the ASUC. He hopes to “hit the ground running” and has been in meetings with Greek life leadership in order to implement what fraternity and sorority leaders want to see.

“Tyler is a fighter and exactly what is needed for the Greek community here at Cal,” said ASUC Senator Muz Ahmad in an email.

According to Ahmad, Mahomes-Kramer will work to address systemic issues within the Greek life and campus communities while simultaneously working to support the communities he identifies with.

Mahomes-Kramer added that he is building a campaign focused on increased community development and engagement. His efforts will include implementing anti-blackness training in fraternity prerecruitment, scholarships for low-income students to afford dues and town halls allowing people of color to voice their concerns.

“Tyler is the epitome of class, integrity, and humility,” Ahmad said in the email. “He is overly qualified for the position and I have absolute faith in him being the best candidate for supporting our student body and Greek Life. Voting for Tyler is voting for you.”

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