James Weichert for academic affairs vice president

Photo of James Weichert
Josh Lewis/Courtesy
Current AAVP James Weichert's reelection campaign will elaborate on his work regarding student fees, as he hopes to address the proposed $278 a year instructional resilient and enhancement fee.

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Weichert has been one of the ASUC’s most efficient and productive executive officers this past year. As the academic affairs vice president, or AAVP, he has created material change that has impacted every student on campus. His work on pass/no pass deadlines and funding student technology access have benefited the UC Berkeley in countless ways.

As UC Berkeley learns to live with COVID-19, Weichert’s priorities may be less obvious. Academic advocacy will revolve less around the pandemic, and new issues will arise. The ASUC and the AAVP office must pivot to confront these new issues, and student input will be necessary to figure out what matters on campus.

Weichert has not always been the best at building relationships on campus, but he knows this and wants to cultivate more partnerships with students. He understands where he falls short — and while he still needs to develop practical ways to get student input — he is searching for ways to bridge those gaps. In the meantime, Weichert has readily demonstrated his ability to serve student needs and get results using policy and relationships within the ASUC and campus administration.

His track record, experience and awareness of where to improve would be reason enough to endorse Weichert for a second term, but he continues to think of systemic solutions for critical issues.

Weichert opposes the Instructional Resilience and Enhancement Fee and wants to reconsider the student fee system. He wants more housing and online learning incorporated into UC Berkeley’s Long Range Development Plan and wants more student involvement in the process.

Weichert could stand to focus his efforts and narrow his priorities, but the fact remains that he has more than demonstrated his ability to create meaningful change. As AAVP, Weichert will undoubtedly improve the student experience.

Vote James Weichert for academic affairs vice president.

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