Bailey Henderson for external affairs vice president

Photo of Bailey Henderson
Theo Wyss-Flamm/Senior Staff
Bailey Henderson, one of two Queer Alliance and Resource Center-endorsed ASUC candidates, hopes to expand affordable housing and funding for marginalized communities as ASUC external affairs vice president.

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Henderson understands the external affairs vice president’s, or EAVP’s, role: to advocate on behalf of students at the state, local and federal levels. After three years in the EAVP’s office, Henderson has the contacts and relationships the EAVP needs to prioritize and use to lobby for students. He knows the work inside and out, forward and backward — and students will benefit from his familiarity with the position.

His knowledge and experience — coupled with a focus on marginalized student groups — are commendable. Henderson wants to hear from students and student groups directly, particularly underrepresented ones, and center their needs in his advocacy. This includes considering issues such as affordable housing and enrollment growth.

While Henderson’s experience and big-picture ideas are important, he needs to improve the specific policies and processes to accomplish his goals. He wants to speak to more students and student groups but provides few practical ways to do this. To prioritize marginalized voices on campus, Henderson needs more outreach strategies that will be accessible for those groups.

Henderson does have a few ideas. He wants to host a UC Berkeley student conference to listen to student voices and concerns. He plans to work with other ASUC senators and executives on issues relevant to them and the communities they represent. Henderson is also endorsed by the LGBTQ+ community and will be able to use his own connections in his work.

Ultimately, Henderson understands the job, and if accomplished, his platforms will genuinely improve student representation and experience. He must follow through with plans and action, but his ideals and systemic knowledge deserve praise. Henderson is prepared to tackle student issues at the local, state and national level, and his goal of more representative and inclusive advocacy as EAVP should be supported.

Vote Bailey Henderson for external affairs vice president.

Editorials represent the majority opinion of the editorial board as written by the spring 2022 editor in chief, Jasper Kenzo Sundeen. Aditya Katewa recused himself from this endorsement process due to a conflict of interest with our news department.