Baby Tate brings high energy, self-love to Fox Theater

Photo of Baby Tate in concert
Matt Gibson/Senior Staff

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Ask yourself, who is the pettiest person that you know? It’s a man, ain’t it?”

The opening bars of “Pedi” rang throughout the Fox Theater as Atlanta-based rapper, singer and producer Baby Tate rushed on stage, exploding from behind the closed curtain to kick off a fiery opening performance. In contrast to this explosive entrance, Tate Sequoya Farris, formerly Yung Baby Tate, has been steadily cementing her artistry since her debut ROYGBIV in 2015. On March 26, Farris joined A.G. Cook and Charli XCX for the opening night of Charli XCX’s Crash tour. 

Dressed in a matching two-piece set of so-called “black-and-white drip,” Tate used her outfit as a way to segue to her next song, “Rainbow Cadillac,” off 2020 EP After the Rain. “You can’t outdo the doer,” she shouted. It was indeed hard to imagine that anyone could outdo Farris as she twerked and whipped her hair to the audience’s delight, making full use of the limited stage space.

Before she introduced new music, Farris set a precedent of crowd participation as she taught lyrics to unreleased song “Differences.” “Look at you, look at me, I know that you see the difference,” screamed spirited voices. Although Farris has an expansive discography, “Differences” was one of many unreleased songs she performed, giving the audience something to anticipate as Farris looks toward releasing her upcoming R&B/hip-hop project Mani/Pedi later this spring.

Self-love triumphed as a running theme of Farris’s set, true to the unapologetic brand of empowerment that colors her extensive discography. During a softer interlude, she celebrated the crowd’s unique differences and preached self-love as the most important love. Despite the brevity of her opening performance, Farris showed impressive dynamism through her 30-minute set. Her string of more R&B-influenced tracks, including recent release “What’s Love,” allowed her to show off her powerful vocals, with her effortless runs hitting the higher registers of her voice and making the audience swoon. 

These softer moments didn’t overstay their welcome, however. After some scripted prompting from her DJ, Farris asked the crowd if they were ready to turn back up before launching back into higher energy tracks. As Farris danced on a bar and performed a standing scorpion pose mid-song, it was almost disorienting to remember that she was singing beautiful ballads just minutes before — yet this versatility is her strong suit. Farris held the crowd’s attention with her infectious stage presence through the sprawl of genres under her command, leading her audience on an electric trip through pop, hip-hop, R&B and everything in between. 

Farris’s rapport with her DJ kept energy high and made for smooth transitions between songs. Toward the end of her set, Farris’s newest release “Sl*t Him Out” — a track whose catchy hook made its TikTok virality nearly inevitable — was especially well-received; the shared energy between the artist and audience made it hard to believe it was only 8:15 p.m. 

While introducing her last song, Baby Tate reminisced on the night thus far. “We sang. We laughed. We danced,” she said. But she couldn’t leave the crowd before sharing some affirmations, she explained — these affirmations being, of course, the declarations of self-love and confidence of her most popular song, “I Am,” a collaboration with Flo Milli. “I am healthy, I am wealthy/ I am rich, I am that b—,” Farris fired, making a compelling case for manifestation before blowing kisses to the crowd goodbye. For a fleeting 30-minute set, Tate exhibited an impressive amount of range as both an artist and performer, leaving audiences eager for more.

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