Quiz: What should you do this weekend in Berkeley?

photo of Regal Theater
Nick Quinlan/Staff

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Though it may only be Monday, it’s never too early to start brainstorming your weekend plans. With so many things to do in Berkeley, it’s easy to get stuck trying to figure out what to do this coming weekend with friends. But don’t worry, the Clog is here to get you out of the rut. Take this quiz to find out what you should do on your day(s) off!

  1. You turn around to see Oski behind you at a football game, what do you do?
    1. Run!
    2. Go up and give him a high five
    3. Ask him for a picture
    4. Wave and walk away
  2. What Berkeley animal do you relate to the most?
    1. The Berkeley squirrels
    2. The Berkeley falcons
    3. The turkeys around Foothill
    4. One of the many bear statues on campus
  3. After the loss of the beloved Moffitt Library, what is your new go-to library to visit?
    1. Kresge Engineering Library
    2. Valley Life Sciences Library
    3. East Asian Library
    4. Doe Library
  4. After a long week, what is your favorite way to relax during the weekend?
    1. Spending time with friends
    2. Relax? I’m spending the weekend catching up on work, Berkeley students don’t take breaks
    3. Watching your new favorite show on Netflix
    4. Trying out a new face mask and reading a book for fun
  5. It’s a Wednesday night, where are people most likely to find you?
    1. At a club meeting
    2. Catching up on lectures
    3. Reading for your upcoming class
    4. Going out to eat with your friends
  6. Which popular Berkeley course would you be most likely to take?
    1. Wealth and Poverty
    2. CS61A
    3. Episodes in Literary Cultures: Anime
    4. Psychology of Sleep
  7. Answers
    1. Go to the Berkeley Marina — As someone who loves nature, the Berkeley Marina is the perfect place to visit friends in Berkeley! At the Marina, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the sea and relax after a hard week.
    2. Have a picnic on the Glade — This weekend, grab the crackers, cheese, grapes, meats and sweets to make your very own charcuterie board and get ready to have a nice picnic on the glade with your friends! If you want, you can even dress up in nice outfits and have everyone bring something that they made.
    3. Go to Regal UA in Berkeley — Grab your friends and see the newest movie that just came out in the movie theater on Shattuck! You can even try and watch a movie from a genre that you usually don’t watch that much to change things up.
    4. Visit the UC Botanical Gardens — After studying for your midterms for hours in the library, you should probably go out and touch some grass this weekend.


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