What the city you want to live in says about you

photo of the Los Angeles skyline with mountains in the background
Todd Jones/Creative Commons

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Every city has its own distinct feel and personality, just like us. Our career goals, weather preferences, as well as choices regarding transportation and food all play into the decision to move to a certain city. Here is a detailed explanation of what the city you want to live in says about you. 

New York City 

The ultimate glam for any city lover. There are tons of different transportation options available, beautiful skylines and of course, delicious food. Those who want to live in the Big Apple tend to be determined and quite literally unstoppable (how else will they get through these crowds?). They know what they want in life and aren’t scared of the challenges coming their way. Living in New York is certainly difficult, but people willing to relocate there certainly know it will pay off! 

Los Angeles 

You are definitely a creative type. LA is a hub for all things beauty and entertainment, so it definitely takes a certain kind of person to live there. Los Angeles attracts dreamers: those who are willing to take risks and explore themselves each and every day. There is no doubt that LA lovers are fierce, strong and independent. It’s the City of Angels for a reason it attracts those who aren’t afraid to fly and climb to new heights. 


Although this city may seem grim and dull, there is just something about it that catches the eye. Chicago culture is unparalleled, offering a unique balance of professionalism and fun. Individuals dreaming of Chicago certainly value their career, but are also looking for a wonderful downtime. Chicago may be perceived as New York’s little sister, but that could not be further from the truth, as this midwestern city has its own personality. 


Feels of academia, cold winters and an aesthetic fall season all scream Boston. A true epicenter of learning and development, it is the ultimate collegiate hub for intellectuals from all around the world. People wanting to move to Boston are certainly seekers of knowledge and aren’t afraid to debate their ideas with others. 


Coffee and rain are the ultimate aesthetics of Seattle. Although Seattle may seem gloomy, it is one of the coziest U.S. cities. There is just something about this dark and cold place that warms the heart. People who want to live there are romantic, soft and free. They don’t converge to what society expects of them, and they live their own lives to the fullest. 

Washington, D.C. 

Politics. Are you striving to change the country? Or would you like to partake in enforcing laws affecting the entire nation? Washington, D.C., will allow you to do all of these things. Those particularly interested in government and international affairs seem to be drawn to the U.S. capital, and for a good reason — all of the wildest political dreams are bound to come true in D.C. 

San Francisco 

And finally, our favorite city, San Francisco. Berkeley students particularly love this place due to its close proximity and variety of experiences. The city of San Francisco combines history and progress: with so much new technology originating here, people interested in driving progress, as well as those who want a less-bustling city life are attracted to the city. There is so much to explore in San Francisco, but due to its compact size, it is perfect for those who are looking for a homier feel. 

No matter what the stereotypes are for the city you want to live in, remember to be in a place that makes you the happiest. City life may not be for everyone, and finding a place you want to call home is so important for personal pleasure. 

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