Mirror Palais’ third collection stands in league of its own

Photo of Mirror Palais
Mirror Palais/Courtesy

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Based, designed and created in New York, fashion brand Mirror Palais has established a cult following and found instant success since its founding in 2019. 

Founder Marcelo Gaia has brilliantly grown a brand rooted in finding the elegance of the everyday. Mirror Palais is known for its breakout Fairy Dress but trailblazes in encompassing high quality, feminine and unique designs. 

The made-to-order brand found its success in speaking to its community and listening when the community speaks back. In an interview with WWD, Gaia describes his followers as “intelligent women with amazing points of view,” explaining that audience feedback is crucial to the brand’s mobility. 

Gaia and the Mirror Palais team can assume credit for this; Gaia frequently shares inspiration, appreciation for his team and even sneak-peaks of new designs with his nearly 300,000 Instagram followers. 

The efforts of Gaia and his team have effectively created a supportive community that’s unusual for contemporary fashion brands and their following. The connection attests to Mirror Palais’ blend of timeless and timeliness, curated pieces for the current moment. 

The first drop of Mirror Palais’ third collection pushes itself further ahead of brands stuck reliving past versions of themselves. Micro-trends and the current ephemeral nature of fashion have hit a standstill in reviving past trends and styles. Here Mirror Palais presents itself differently from the rest. Bolstering size and model inclusivity, ingenious design work and an emphasis on creating empowering women’s wear, Mirror Palais is truly in a league of its own.

In this drop, Gaia stays close to his brand’s roots of elevating neutral, business casual basics to being sexy and delicate while still sophisticated. More than 50 pieces are featured in the first drop of the collection, ranging from gowns and mini dresses to what is certain to be the hottest dress of the summer: the Maria Micro dress in Leite. 

With Mirror Palais’ made-to-order nature, the Maria Micro is made from vintage fabric, with each varying in distinct pattern. Featuring a sweetheart neckline and playful yet discrete cut-outs, the dress (similar to most Mirror Palais designs) have lengths of versatility. The next “it-girl” dress possesses an individuality in its appearance and sustainable nature in its construction that translates to the current generation’s emphasis on empowering uniqueness and environmentally friendly fashion practices. 

Other standout looks include the Pin Tuck Eyelet dress in Antique White. The maxi dress features a lace-up bustier bodice that contrasts perfectly with the cottagecore-style long hemline and pockets. The Plunging Back Cowl dress has a divine shape and essence to it in every color, and the Margarita dress is the wedding dress of everyone’s dreams.

Mirror Palais makes extraordinary gowns and dresses, but executes just as well in its basics. The brand puts the argument that spending more than $20 on basics is extravagant — exemplified by The Vest and Mid Rise Mini Skirt — to shame. And, for being made-to-order by a smaller company, the price point is far from unreasonable. Gaia’s craftsmanship dedicates these pieces to fit and compliment any size body and such care makes the pieces worth it.  

These more “basic” pieces still feel just as extravagant. They have a magical touch of intricacy to them — a precision in styling, fabric to fit certain body parts and details of pockets or slits that can’t be duped.

Collection three, drop one encapsulates the successful contemporary fashion brand that is Mirror Palais. From its elevated basics to graceful wedding gowns, Marcelo Gaia and his team have crafted a brand that can do it all, and do it all exceptionally well. Leading from a place of integrity and an emphasis on sustainability, perhaps the brand can push fashion back toward an emphasis on quality over quick, fleeting, Instagrammable pieces.

Kaitlin Clapinski covers fashion. Contact her at [email protected].